Anyone going to CACC?

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    Hi! Just wondering is anyone going to CACC? I am taking my pre reqs there now hoping to get into the nursing program this fall. I took my ENG 101 two years ago and quit without withdrawing and I am taking that over and goin to ask for course forgiveness and 3 more pre reqs will they see the grades from this semester in enough time to decide that I can get into the nursing program for this fall? I am trying to get into the LPN program. If anyone has any advice for me please feel free. Thanks, Niki

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    Just bumping this up.
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    I'm trying to get into the fall program. I have 195 points so I'm hoping this will get me in. I guess I should have not used RNDL for my user name since I'm not an RN yet, but couldn't think of anything. "oh well"

    Have you taken all your basics yet?
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    Hi! YAY! Someone finally replied to this thread! I am trying to get into the LPN program. I have finished my math. I am taking BIO 201, PSY 200, ENG 101, and MUS APP now. I know you do not have to have all of these for LPN but I plan on doing the LPN-RN mobility program not long after I work a while with LPN. I made an 81 on my reading compass test and I had an A in math...I have no idea how to do the point system so I really don't know how to do it. If you know how, would you mind adding my scores up. I can't remember my exact high school GPA was but I know it was about 3.2-3.5. Where are you from? Looks like you have a really high score!!!! I will be saying a special prayer for you!
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    I am from Alpine. I have finished all my pre-req so I'm just waiting for the letters. My husband will make me go back to work if I don't get into the program. CACC is not the most organized place so I'm a little concerned about things getting lost.

    If you can, try to get all your pre-req stuff done first. Is there a reason why your not going for the RN now? My sister-in-law is doing the mobility and she kicks herself daily for not getting it all at one time.

    I really don't know what classes you have to have for LPN so I'm not sure what your points would be. I know CACC gives points on GPA as Jeff State does not.

    Good Luck sweetie.
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    Hey! I have heard of CACC losing things so I have contacted the director of nursing at CACC many times to ensure that she has everything. I am going to LPN because I need to start working alot sooner than two years...I have two little boys under the age of 3 and I don't want to put more on me than I can finish. Good luck with getting into the program..I don't think you will have any trouble if you have 195 points, I think only 200 are available. Where is Alpine?
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    Boy how times have changed........... I went to CACC for my LPN and ADN.... they didnt do points then. ... (early 90s)....... just wanted to say good luck!!!
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    I'm waiting for CACC, too, already took most everything I could take and have a perfect GPA, hoping they don't lose anything of mine b/c I've already gone in there and made sure they had everything for my file and they didn't have my transcripts from past college or high school in my was in a misc stack of papers b/c it was in my maiden name. I would have DIED if I'd spent the last year bustin' my tail only to have them lose something! If I don't get in at CACC for some reason, I'm transferring to Jeff State for the fall and applying there in the spring.

    Good luck, everyone!

    BTW, hey Dana! This is Steffi!
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    It is so great to hear of more people going to CACC. Where are you from? Are you going for LPN or RN? Everyone I talk to is trying to get in the RN so maybe there is room for me in LPN.
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    I'm trying for the RN program. I live in Chelsea so it takes me about 30 mins to drive to CACC which is still closer than a lot of people I've met there! Good luck w/ the LPN program!!! I'm glad to see others at CACC as well!

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