Anyone applying for Calhoun ADN- fall 09? Anyone applying for Calhoun ADN- fall 09? - pg.4 | allnurses

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Anyone applying for Calhoun ADN- fall 09? - page 5

Hey! I was just wondering if any of you are applying for the ADN program at Calhoun Community College for this fall.... I just turned my application today, so wish me luck! Good luck & best... Read More

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    Mid-June is what I was told, Flipgator.

    At UAH, they do admits for Fall and Spring. Those are done out of different applicant pools. I can't remember offhand when the dates are that you have to apply by though. My brain needs some coffee!
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    Some of the nursing students told me yesterday that it's obvious if you got accepted or not. If you didn't, you get a plain white envelope in the mail. If you were accepted, you get a huge manila envelope with a bunch of stuff in it.
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    it's getting close!!!
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    I hope someone will post when they receive anything from Calhoun!

    Good Luck to Everyone
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    Yeah, it's getting close & I think i'm getting ready to have a nervous breakdown. I think one of the girls said it might be next week, but I could have been hearing things.

    I also know that the next group of applicants is going to have to taken an entrance exam, so the decision is not all points based.