Acceptance into Bevill State nursing Fall 2012 - page 4

Has anyone began to get any letters from Bevill State about the 2012 nursing program???... Read More

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    I just got accepted to the Hamilton program
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    WooHoo Ceiliailicec!!!!! Now IM getting nervous!
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    Yaayy Ceciliailicec.... CONGRATS!!!!!! Okay I just left work to run to my mailbox and nothing was there.
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    Stay strong sgoree85! It WILL come!
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    I got in at Jasper!
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    GREAT GREAT GREAT kgl2014T!!!! I'm so excited for you guys.... now its my turn to be excited for myself!!!
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    Thanks sgoree85! I'm at work and my mom actually went by and checked my mail for me and called. I cannot wait to home to see it for real! Yours is coming!!!
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    Congrats to all of you! I've got to check the mail!
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    Well, I got accepted to the Hamilton's campus! :spin:
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    Congrats wchailstate!!!!!
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