a&p and micro at Faulkner

  1. 0 Was it worth the extra money to take these courses at Faulkner? I've heard that the instructors are nice and it's a fairly easy A. Let me know your experience.
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    i took it from in the morning last year and yes it is just make sure u take notes and come to every class and study for your test and you have a sure A if you put in the time
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    Will your a&p , micro classes transfer to other schools? sorry, I know that wasn't exactly your question but I would like to take the same classes and transfer to uab. Good luck!
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    yes my classes transfered to lawson and wallace state accepted my classes also but it was easier for me to just attend lawson until i find out if iam into wallace's nursing program
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    I'm taking a/p and micro next semester....who are good teachers? would you recommend taking them together???
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    I am currently taking micro. I will take A&P next semester along with chemistry. It is a lot of work but the teachers have been helpful thus far.
    Good luck!
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    thanks! im going to take it possibly at night...i've heard tof some good teachers...any teachers who i should avoid?? Send me a pm.
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    i advise taking morning classes i took morning she was great her name starts with a p. She only teaches in themorning havent took any classes during the evening so I cant say wish you the best of luck

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