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I was hoping someone familiar with the FT program at Jeff State could tell me a little about the program. How intense would it be if I have only NUR classes to take (I have an undergrad & have most... Read More

  1. by   Heartnswoon
    oh i see.
  2. by   futurernjap
    Lol Are u cUrrently a Jeff state student now?
  3. by   Heartnswoon
    Yea I am a student already at Jeff State. I took all my sciences there and got all A's.
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    I work at a Hospital and the fact that they would pick a person with an AS over someone who gets a BSN is simply not true. They would much rather pick someone who went to UAB then someone who went to Jeff State because the BS is a "better" degree to them. Although Jeff State is very highly respected school of nursing.
    most people who go to UAB are seeking there bachelor degree in nursing not AS in nursing. Jeff State only offers AS. And UAB only four year college so they only offer BSN.
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    most people who go to UAB are seeking there bachelor degree in nursing not AS in nursing. Jeff State only offers AS. And UAB only four year college so they only offer BSN.
  6. by   Heartnswoon
    THere is a rumor that they only gonna start hiring people with BSN which is a misunderstanding. They just prefer people with BSN over a ADN. I am a PCT at UAB and there is no way they can change this because there arent enough schools in Alabama that offer BSN degrees. It would be complete madness AND they would have a much bigger shortage of nurses.
  7. by   futurernjap
    Actually vie heard the opposite. I have a friend that works at trinity and one that works at brookwood and they both have told me the same thing- that a jeff state nurse is preferred over any school- yes even uab. Her reasoning us that while uab has the degree (bsn) behind there name, they don't have ally of bedside nursing skills and critical care thinking skills like those from 2 year schools- in particular jeff state. My friend even mentioned that she trains students for clinicals - uab students- and a girl in her clinical group was about to hang a iv bag without FLUSHING first. She looked at her like "and you come from what school?" and if that isn't enough proof the interview I just went on at at. Vincents, the unit manager was very impressed that I got into jeff state. She raved onthe caliber of nurses they constantly put out and een made the remark "I would hired a jeff state nurse before a uab nurse any day. "
  8. by   Heartnswoon
    I am actually referring to the rumor that hospitals are only hiring nurses with BSN which is not true. Thats all I really saying. The truth has been twisted. I understand what you have heard about all those other hospitals but I work at UAB and I know what the hospital nurse manager told me. So as for the other places I have no idea. But really when a person is hired it just comes down to the person not the paper in most aspects you are completely right! I work in the pool. I dont plan on just working one unit so I think things are a little different there. I know I will have to at first but I diffentily plan on the pool. But I have heard UAB students say that Jeff State is worse and i have heard the complete opposite. Its all really just an opinion thing with everyone when it comes down to it. Everyone has there own idea of whats what and whats better. Its the real world there are no set rules. When it comes down to a person getting hired the person hiring is going to pick who is best fit for the job and thats that.
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  9. by   futurernjap
    You are abdolutly right! Lol and I don't know why USB students say were worse! People RUN from uab nurses!
  10. by   igwe1
    Can someone please tell me what to expect in 3rd semester Jefferson campus. I am really nervous and I need someone who has been thru 3rd semeter to tell me what to expect from 106d. Thanks