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work there after being fired?

  1. 0 I was terminated from a facility 2 years ago, worked elsewhere since then and now am going to an agency. The agency works extensively with the facility that fired me. Can or should I go and work there as agency? thanks for your answers...
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    Probably not - and you need to be upfront with the agency about this NOW to avoid big problems LATER.
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    Eh, I think it would depend on the circumstances. I agree with marycarney that you should be honest with the agency though. But 2 years is a long time. There could be change of administration during that time, change of charge nurses, HR, etc. Up to you I guess.
    You could always just give it a shot, if they will even accept your profile. That is one of the advantages of being agency, is we have the freedom to tell our employers we don't want to return somewhere.
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    Does the agency know? If yes, they should have contacted the place for clearance- many places have policies that former employees cannot work there via agency, either for a set term, or forever. (Used to be you could quit, go agency for much more money, then you'd end up working in the same place anyway- that's where I'm told that policy hails from).

    Two years is a long time- I'm sure the whole staff has changed at least once, so the person who fired you is long gone, might not matter any longer.
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    thanks everyone. I decided to tell the agency the whole story and they were very understanding and accommodating. I'm getting lots of work else where

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