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  1. Okay, So i just graduated and i want to relocate to the us virgin islands. Im not going to work for any agency im going to work at a hospital or some place down there. I am an LPN and have worked as a CNA for 6 months. Ive been to the virgin islands twice before and i love the environment. I would love to live here permanently. Anyone have any suggestions or contacts at hospitals i could maybe get in touch with down there? I would like to get a job prior to relocating so i know i have an income :-) ANY help would be appreciated. PM me or leave a post here.
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  3. by   JosefVernon Hodgkins
    Good luck. My favorite is St. Thomas, USVI. Find your dreams and win them.

  4. by   amberger101
    Hey there! I wanted to ask a question similar to the previous questions asked here.
    I recently graduated with my RN license and I've been offered a year long staffing job in the Virgin Islands. The only problem is that I haven't been given details as far as which hospital, city, exact pay, housing situation, etc. I was hoping to get some insight as far as hospital conditions, living situations, crime and in which areas, St Thomas v. St Croix, etc.
    Any other new graduates out there considering this or currently employed in this type of position?? It sounds like a great adventure but I don't want to get stuck doing something I'll regret for the next year! Thanks so much!
  5. by   mattfro60
    Dont take a year, start out with a 13 week assignment if you can find a good agency. Check out Professional Nursing Staffing. They do a ton of contracts in the VI. Also the hospital (there is only one). The hospital is ****** but then again your not there for the amazing hospital your there for the beaches and adventure. The company I mentioned as 20-30 nurses down there at one time and they all stay (or most stay) in the same condo on the beach. Sounds good to me. My friend did it and loved it, said the hospital was crap but she still loved it. She extended 3 times.
  6. by   Aleonard13
    there are 3 hospitals in the VI, one for each island. they all take travelers.
  7. by   SuzieVN
    An average electric bill in the USVI is $2000/month. Add rent, water, etc., and it finally adds up to= Marry rich.
  8. by   SuzieVN
    Quote from Aleonard13
    there are 3 hospitals in the VI, one for each island. they all take travelers.
    They do take them, for sure. To the BANK.
  9. by   jhayroe
    What hospitals in the VI take travelers and what agencies do they use?
  10. by   NedRN
    Both hospitals in the USVI use travelers extensively. Try Worldwide.