Might be a dumb ? but...

  1. What is agency nursing? Do you only do home health with agency's or do you do other things as well, like hospitals, do you travel from city to city or is that more of a travel nurse? I'm trying to find out what I want to be when I grow up..(I'm 36,,lol) Can someone who works this shed some light on what you do in a day for instance. I am interested in HH as well as maybe correctional nursing possibly so just kinda curious. Any correctional nurses on here like to share as well?

    I really appreciate your input.
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    Agency nursing can be in any locale, usually it is per diem work and can be where ever nurses are used; such as clinics, correctional facilities, hospitals, LTC, physician offices, etc.

    It can be in your immediate area, or it can involve some travel from you, depends on the contract that the agency has with what ever facility.

    Travel nursing is usually away from home for an average of a 13 week contract. The perks come into play when it is away from your legal residence.