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    I'm just wondering if per diem rates that agencies offer are negotiable or do you just take what they offer?? I currently work per diem for an agency at a local hospital. They asked me if I would consider working per diem at another local hospital as well. They gave me the rate they would pay. I told them I would work there for $4/hr more. With time and a half after 8 hrs, it would be an extra $56 a shift for me. Anyway, the agency said no to my offer.

    I guess I'm just wondering the proper way to negotiate pay or do you just take what they offer??

    I've been in CA (LA area) for a year now and I can't help but feel like I'm always getting ripped off by these agencies. When I first moved here I worked for much lower rates bc I didn't have any other options and needed to work. I still don't really know what the average RN pay is here or if I am still being underpaid. People don't discuss pay and I can't find info on the net so I'm just going with the minimum that I think I should be making.
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    Just to give an update. The agency did end up calling me back 2 days later and taking my offer. I kept wondering why would they lose out on staffing me at this facility over $56 dollars, but then again, I don't know what the facility is paying them.

    So I guess per diem rates are negotiable, you just have to be prepared for them to tell you no bc they can probably find someone else who will work for the rate they are offering.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences with negotiating rates?
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    Even back when I did per diem agency work as a CNA, you can sometimes negotiate.

    However, it seems to only work if they have something no one wants or is hard to fill. I once got an agency to bump me up 4 more bucks an hour just to go to this LTC way in the middle of the boondocks. I also got a bit more when they REALLY needed a male CNA for violent patients and gave me short notice.

    Notice that agency work is slowly disappearing, though, particularly for facility staffing.
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    Good for you. I negotiated a little too low when I first started working at my agency but feel I can broach a raise right now because I took so much medical leave time off last year.

    I think agencies unless its bulk staffing when they send multiple people to the same place all the time they charge the facility your rate plus their % so its better for them to pay you more as long as the facility agrees. If its a rate thats already prenegoiated then you asking more cuts into their end so knowing how they get paid can help you not get ripped off.
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    Thats good to know. Im checking out agencies in the Atlanta area, and was wondering what the standard rate was, and if I could possibly ask them for more than the 31$/hour they are offering me...
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    I heard nurses in the Atlanta area say that they wouldn't work for anything less than $40
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    Quote from ms_sgr
    I heard nurses in the Atlanta area say that they wouldn't work for anything less than $40
    Oh geez, any chance you could let me know which agency and hospitals/departments this was for?
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    Anyone know of any good agencies in NC
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    I don't know about anyone else's experiences, but here where I work in the Houston area.... to... \
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    I am in the same position that you are in. I have been working per diem with an agency for a few months now and I've been doing my research and I'm getting paid $2 more than new grads... I am lost at which agency to go with. I'm trying to do my research. If you have any suggestions for SoCal then let me know.

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