Do Agencies Check Out the Site Before Sending You?

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    Do you know if agencies even go to the site before assigning you? Does your agency have a safe site check off sheet that they give to you before sending you?

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    Typically the admit visit by the RN will be done at the home of the client. S/he certainly does a windshield survey on the way to and from the address, but that does not mean the agency takes into consideration the safety of the employees they send to that address. I am living proof of that, and many others can agree. I am talking about home health locations, not facility locations.
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    For agency as in per diem staffing the marketing person might do a meet & greet at a facility otherwise no, I've never know of any kind of a 'safety check off' of a facility either.

    Home helath, nada. The admitting nurse is usually the first face to face contact with the client. My HH agency does a brief environmental safety check off at the admit visit, other wise it's up to the individual nurse if they are willing to enter a dwelling.
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    as a clinical nsg supervisor for a staffing agency for school nurses I give our nurses an 8 hr inservice on the policies and protocols involved I also reveiw the major health issues we deal with in an urban environment with many special needs children in particular asthm, seizures, allergies w/ & w/o epipens and diabetes. I focus on carb counting for diabetics (there are 5 in 1 school!) With 1500 schools and 1.4 million students I can't cover every situation so my nurses have my cell phone # and a special system to call me if there is an urgent need to reach me. I also have done school visits at the nurses request and for my insecure ones I usually go in with themm on their first assignment for a few hours.
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    Hats off to you. With 1500 students you must have your hands full.

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    It" 1500 SITES 1.4 million STUDENTS We have to be ready to cover any one of them!
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    Hats off to you!
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    hats off to my awesome nurses!

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