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  1. I have read many threads related to All About Staffing. Has anyone taken a contract with them recently in the DFW area and any idea what the salary is? I hear they are the highest paying but I have not seen actually how much they pay. I don't want to follow through with the application process until I get a general idea of the pay range and if it's close to my current salary given that I will be commuting a great distance to work at any of the HCA hospitals. Thanks..any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   fungez
    Well, I just got off the phone with Dallas AAS.

    The recruiter blew off my voicemail requesting she call me back. Particularily annoying since I explained on the v.m. that I'd worked for both the HCA hospitals and AAS in Austin. So I called her again, and this time reached her. She was kind of snotty, and wouldn't tell me what the payrate would be.

    Austin AAS pays 34/hr for prn dayshift m/s. They tell you that upfront. So I don't understand why salary info is a secret in Dallas.

    I'm crossing Dallas AAS off my list of potential employers. I don't like HCA that much, and I'm not going to deal with attitudy, weird, secretive recruiters who blow me off.

    I did talk to Nursecore. They were much nicer and told me salary, while variable, would probably be around 30/hr. So I'm going to go with them.
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    if you don't mind traveling, aas in florida pays $41.50/hr.
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    34 MS 36 ICU AAS in Nashville