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Hey all, Last night I worked my first agency shift in a brand new city. I am nurse with 5+ years experience in med/surg tele stepdown but last night they had me work in ER psych hold. I... Read More

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    Thanks to all who replied. You really have made me feel better. Just to clarify, I didn't work ER, but in a pscyh hold that was located in ER. I would have refused to work there if I was in the actual ER.

    I need to work on the thicker skin. I have always been overly sensitive and nursing has helped me fix that somewhat...but maybe I'm still too sensitive for agency.

    That day I almost mentioned something to the ER charge...but I didn't. If I said something, it would be "me against them." If they had blatantly made it difficult for me to provide safe nursing care, I would definitely have said something. I usually give people one chance.

    Thanks again for all who replied.


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    Some people are just plain mean. One of the benefits of getting older, IMO is being able to confront others without worrying about being liked. I often find that bullies and mean people back down after a little confrontation. They often are so good at being bullies they often do not expect it. I would have confronted her early on and told her exactly what I thought about her behavior and what kind of help that I expected from her. Sorry the shift was so awful.
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    Have been an agency nurse for a number of years. Have refused to return to a few facilities due to craziness. Others have been great. Most generally, if I recieve flak I confront it directly having the expectation that I will recieve assistance with questions. On a rare occasion I have spoken to the nurse manager if I decide that a situation is salvagable. I'm all about the patient and I am very forthright about this. Let your agency know how you were treated. I work for a premier agency and they are very supportive.
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    While working as agency, you WILL find those places that no one wants to work at, thats why they need agency, their nurses have left because they didn't want to put up with the crap!

    Good thing is, you don't have to go back to those facilities. If you're in a large city, give it a decent shot. You might find your niche in a different hospital, different unit. I worked agency in ICU for over 2 years. Most of that was contract with 2 different hospitals. I was part of the group, but was still considered the redheaded stepchild. lol
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    I agree. There are some places that no one wants to go. Management is most definitely a full fleddged, active member of what I term the "Mushroom Club). No sense talking to them. Don't throw in the towel because the first experience is a bust. There are something good out there for you. Every winter I return to a hospital because I really like it there and have bonded with a large number of the nurses. They staff appropriately also. If you need to be in the hospital here is the place to be. The manager is wonderful also. Even though she is a member of the club simply by being management she is aware that she is in the club. This place helps keep me going. You must accept that the work most generally will be hard. Nursing is in a crisis also. Crisis can bring out the worst in people as well as the best. If you present yourself with an expectation that you will get support oftimes you get it. Remember, I am all about the patient. If nurses are unwilling to support me then they are incapable of truly supporting the patients. Those are the places no one wants to work. The best advice I can give is.....Go in. Do your job. Assert yourself when necessary. And always always stay out of the politics. Be pleasant with eveyone. Agency is a tough job. One needs to be well grounded.

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