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Hi all-- I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way. THANKS :p... Read More

  1. by   periwinkles

    It's doctors like her who make RNs want to start their own business. She sounds like a "user". Crappy wages. Ugh! That's a slap in the face, unless you are just there for the experience and eventually move on to do your own thing. Her telling patients that peels don't work is lame. Does she really believe that. Doesn't sound like it. She just wants them to keep coming to her and collect their copay and push topicals(she gets the percs from the drug companies). The old "mill".

    As far as contacting dermatologists hoping they would refer patient to an outside source for their peels etc. I would try offering the doctor a free tour and treatment of your facility so they could decide for themselves whether you are credible enough to refer their patients to. After all, if their patients are not pleased for some reason that would reflect back on them.

    Yeah, sounds good if you tell someone you work for a Dermatologist, but don't under estimate yourself as an RN. Patients love nurses! And they trust us, probably more than MD's. We are the ultimate patient advocates from the heart. (Nothing personal Ebben_s;))
  2. by   mharrah
    Thank you, periwinkle, for your support and encouragement. I do hope to break away from that environment soon.

    I would like to get advice from you all about making my clinic (the one I own, not the derm office) look more attractive without spending a fortune. My clinic is located in an old strip mall type of building. It has it's good and bad features. The good is that it is close to the road with visible access and has a place to put a nice sign when I get the money to buy a sign. right now I have a hand made sign there since I couldn't afford one. It also has a nice large window that is almost the length of the front of the clinic, and people can see inside. the bad part is that the building is old and run down in general. I have found that covering things up is the best thing to do right now. Like using large rugs on the floors. The bathroom is the worst part. The sink is old and nasty, and I don't know if there is any way to make it look better. The floor in the bathroom is uneven. Any ideas on how to fix up and old place for cheap? I'm there for now because my dad owns the place, and rent is free. Had to start somewhere. I was thinking maybe a thick rug in the bathroom may hide the uneven floor? and how about a lacy curtain or something to cover the exit door that is sooo ugly that we never use? I'm still lost about what to do with the sink. I don't know of any type of covering you can put over a sink. lol.
  3. by   periwinkles

    That's fantastic that your rent is free. What an opportunity! As far as fixing the place up and hiding the ugly parts. Just think of it as one of those Hollywood sets that they put together for filming. Decide on the personality of the room you want to create first. Tuscany, Zen, Nature, Roman, etc. I guess you already have your equipment, but think of placement.
    Paint can cover a multitude of sins, but matte finish and soft colors. Pick a color scheme. Mochas, browns. Blues. Relaxing colors, read a book on color therapy. If you can't draw, then there are stensils or other ways to trim. You can use draperies to cover and accent a wall. Thrift shops, discount material stores. yard sales, can find all kinds of stuff. Used curtain rods and some material draping can do and is easy. You can cover a whole wall with curtains to soften the room.

    Bathroom floor. I would stay away from rug, not sanitary. If your dad's handy he can put a piece of plywood down more evenly and put some stick on tiles on top.

    Window, not good that you can look in yikes! Curtains. If you want the natural light, just leave the top part of window exposed, so no one can look in.

    Sink. If bottom cabinet is the problem, cover with material like a curtain. If it is the actual bowl, hmm, go to home depot and ask someone about improving the finish of the bowl. You didn't describe it in detail.??

    Don't make clutter. Keep it simple and accessorize with clean lines, simple things like candles set in stones inside of a simple bowl. All this stuff you can get at a dollar store. A water element, maybe a small electric fountain. Look in thrift shops, people get rid of them alot. Remember the five elements fire(candles), earth(a plant), metal(anything metal), water(the fountain), and wood(anything made of wood). Include these in your decor.

    Don't forget the ceiling! That's what clients see when their on their backs getting treatments

    If you need to hide something or partition off a space you can get one of those clothing racks on wheels and cover it with material, like a shower curtain type deal and it's moveable. Like for the exit door.

    You dont' live in AZ do you?? If you did, I'd come over and help you.
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  4. by   brownrice
    Regarding fixing up your place....with some creativity, you can end up with a much cozier, neater feel than the newer, glitzy strip malls!! You need not spend a lot of money, just like Periwinkles is saying--be creative!

    Now, for your sink: There is a product out there to refinish chipped bathtubs and sinks. You can find it at Home Depot. Just ask them! You basically spray on a new coating of glaze. A friend of mine did it to a bathtub, and you'd never know this now white tub used to be pink!!

    Get some books from the library on decorated cottage style or "shabby chic", for ideas on how to bring out the unique features of your place. Use live plants!! They bring an ambience and energy to a room that cannot be duplicated with any other material. Nature makes everyone feel good and connected.

    A small salon I go to (in an old rundown shopping mall) is fixed up really cute. She ripped the formica and other old junk off the wall, and got some plaster at Home Depot. She then used a trowel and put it on sorta unevenly. Then she painted it a soothing, canary yellow. It has a nItalian fresco feel with its uneven, hand crafted appearance. The black picture frames she hung seem to "pop" against this warm yellow color. Best of all, plaster is cheap!!
    Have fun! Let us know how you're project is going!

  5. by   LynnHouse
    Does anyone have any info on what Montana allows for RN's giving Botox injections, Dermal Fillers, etc, or having an aesthetic spa/clinic? I travel back and forth between Montana and Arizona, and my impression is that Arizona is, hands down, far more Progressive as far as Nursing Scope of Practice.
  6. by   cluveges

    Can you tell me a little more about Aesthetics Nursing. Such as how long does it take to become certified, how much does it cost, and what type of salary can I look forward to...I'm currently in L&D working night shift, but I want a life now, especially with my girls being 9 and 11. Any information you can give me is well appreciated.

    Thank you,
  7. by   bnrn03
    Anyone know what the laws are in Pennsylvania?
  8. by   brownrice
    The best and only way I know of to get the information regarding the laws in any state is to call the state, department of nursing, and speak with someone about the laws. Ask them to direct you to their website, which will list their respective laws in writing. Just ask them directly "I am a nurse, can I perform aesthetic procedures in this state without a physician? If so, which procedures? Then, find it in writing. You wouldn't want to trust one person's verbal advice this much! Some states allow for an NP to practice aesthetic medicine independently (among them Washington, Arizona, New Mexico). Some states allow RN's to perform aesthetic procedures only if a physician is present--these procedures are usually limited in scope. Other facilities will allow an RN to perform extremely limited procedures if they have a medical director physician who is not ever or seldom present at the facility. So, you see, it can really vary. Finally, an insurance agency working with people all over the US to insure aesthetic procedures will also be well versed in what can/can't happen in the various states.
  9. by   Tanya RN
    Well I have an interview with a doc starting a Medical Aesthetics business tomorrow to work prn to start. Currently he is performing Botox out of his office and wife's hair salon/spa. Any words of advice?

    This will be my second interview regarding Medical Aesthetics. I did not get the first job I applied for. It was taken by an LPN with experience in Botox and lasers. Can LPN's perform these procedures in other states as well? I live in TN. Apparently the NPA does not address this at all for TN. I am a little discouraged 'cause I figure an LPN would perform these functions with a lower fee than RN's.
  10. by   Tiffany$$
    To all of you interested in Esthetics Nursing and all of you working in this field of nursing: HELP! I did goto the Esthetics Skin Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was trained by Sasha Parker. I spent a small fortune in training, then purchased equipment, etc. Set up shop doind microdermabrasions while looking for a physician so I could do Botox, etc. That was 2 yrs ago! I still have not found a physician to work with me. I did microdermabrasions and wonderful skincare using her line of skinecare, which is wonderful by the way, but you could, and I did, go broke trying to earn a living that way. No doctor will work with me especially in Florida where the Board of Medicine, which regulates doctors, has directly addressed this issue of RNs doing injectibles and clearly stated it was illegal for RNs to do this is this state. When I spoke to Sasha and her staff and told them this "law" came out several months before I spent my life savings going into this, they should have known this, they should have told me this, etc. They told me "the Board of Medicine does not regulate Nursing, only physicians and since the board of nursing has not directly regulated this practice we can go ahead and perform these procedures". Well isn't that great?! So, now I am looking for a doctor to work with me who will be directly going against his governing board. Where do you find a doctor like that? And if you did, would you really want to work with him? Even is you were perfect, eventually something can go wrong, or even just have some one make a complaint, and where do you think your doctor will be? Standing behind you? I don't think so. Not at the expense of his license anyway. So, the moral of this story is I WASTED A TON OF MONEY. Although it seems like it would be a profitable field, and even fun, it ain't gonna happen! At least not in Florida....has anyone had any better experiences with this than I have had? Please reply.
  11. by   Tanya RN
    I hate that for FL nurses who went through that course. There is not much you can do except move if you want to perform injectables.

    I had no problem here in TN finding a medical director. I actually had to choose out of 2 docs.

    Well I am excited to say I injected 3 syringes of Restylane, 100 units of Botox and performed a dental block (not all on the same patient)! I was great. I thin I found my niche!!!
  12. by   mharrah

    FL seems like such a difficult state to deal with when it comes to this practice. I don't have any words of wisdom. But I hope things work out for you someway, somehow. I think the reality is that we are all going to eventually have this state at a time. I'm In WV, and we are not up to date on things like FL is. but I'll probably have the same issue several years down the road.


    Great to hear that you're doing well! What percentage do you get to keep? Is the doctor there when you do your procedures? Reading your post makes me want to go take the dermal fillers course at AEI (where I learned peels, micro) BUT READ BELOW

    Everbody, here is my current issue. I want to learn Botox and Restylane now. BUT I currently don't have a physician for what I'm doing (peels, micro) because I don't have to have one here. But with dermal fillers, I would have to? right? because no matter what state you live in, only a doctor can order those injectables. right? correct me if I'm wrong. SO could a resident be my ordering physician? I've met a few very competent residents here. One in particular who has become a good friend, is finishing up his general surgery residency and starting plastic surgery residency. I would love it if he could be my medical director.

    I am finding a recurrent problem. Prospective clients ask "do you do botox", "do you do permanent makeup" etc. And I have to say No. And basically they walk away, and I don't get any business from them. So that's why I feel the need to add more procedures to my practice.
  13. by   cosmetic tattooist
    Hey gals
    I work entirely free of md involvement. it's the only wasy to go. check your state regs and sometimes they are vagur. here in colorado we can do perm makeup, microderm, lamprobe for skin tags, brown spots etc. i care not to do the fillers because the insurance for one will kill you, it is highly competative so it has driven the prices down and you have to pay an md to sponsor and the spa a fee it;s not worth it. my advice is try to do it yourself so you can keep your profit. i work approx 2-3 days a week, got my husband a DC to go back to nursing school and now we wrok together in a small office low overhead and making outstanding money. NO BOSS
    in conclusion do your homework before entering one of the courses that promise. it is up to us to check all avenues in every state we wish ot work.