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Hi all-- I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way. THANKS :p... Read More

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    What if you just took a course for Botox injections? or is that what the $300 course was for?

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    I never realized I needed experience before I could be certified in med. esthetics. Before I became a nurse I was certified as a nursing assistant, phlebotomist, EKG tech, and even as an eyelash extensionist without any prior experience. The AMEN seminar seems to cover just about every skill you'd need to work at a med spa, but I'm not eligible without 2000 hrs of experience. I could take a separate course in Botox injection, but I would still need 1000 hrs of hands on experience. I have been calling around my local spa/doctor's offices for on the job training opportunities, but they all want someone with some prior training in esthetics. I feel like I'm chasing my tail. Looks like I'm going to esthetician school!
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    If you went to esthetician school, would they then hire you to do botox or would you still need all those hours of experience doing it first? Because esthetician school does not teach you Botox.
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    Quote from leoRN
    Yes, this is true. However, I have not found a post here where someone talks about salary. So, can anybody give me an idea of how much a Aesthetic nurse makes according to experience?

    I know of couple of nurses who work for plastics and they make 50% of the sale on all procedures they do.

    I also know of a nurse who works at a Medispa as an employee who makes $21.00/hr + 15% commission after cost per procedure.
    So for instance if she did one syrange of a filler and it cost the client $600 and the spa paid $240 for it the RN makes 15% of the profit after cost of the product. So her commission would be $54. One of the benefits for her is that all her training is free (she just owes back time for the training or reimburses the spap if she lives before her time is paid back.)

    Hope this answers some questions about compensations.
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    I attended several of Barbara Jones's classes at the Aesthetic Enhancement Institute in Florida. They are excellent and I was well trained, although anxious, to start my own business. I am a WHNP and my collaborating MD is in Family Practice with little experience in aesthetics. I have developed professionally by continuing to attend hands on classes and I practice on friends and family any new procedures until i feel comfortable. I have my own business. I primarily make house calls but have relationships with Spas. I discourage working in hair salons although it is legal in NY.
    because I think they make one look less professional, although I have been associated with one high end salon.
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    Quote from NurseKimberley
    Hi all--
    I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way.
    I did the nurse aesthetics course and am sooo disappointed. As one nurse put it, the docs are not very helpful due to scare of the malpractice. PLUS this is a great avenue for the docs to have a cash flow and ezzzzzy for them to turn a buck!! The instruction was top notch while there and they drop you like a "lead balloon" once they have your money.
    Please accept my apologies for putting a negative spin on this, it is a true story and I invested over $8,000.00.
    I know of a NP, been with 2 docs over 18 yrs and even they are reluctant to offer their assistance!!! She sought their advice before getting into the courses, OOOO Great!!! they said!! She paid over $12,000 and now the tune has shifted..."welllll, I just don't know...." they whinned!!!
    I would love to be in this speciality!!! It was remarked by my instructor, "You have a great touch and will be excellent!"
    Opinions welcome!!!! Best of Luck and I hope you will have a great positive the song says: ".....It don't come easy...."please give it a go!!! and let me know
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    I have to agree with Patti. I went to a facial aesthetics training for nurses. The training was great while I was there. But they do not meet their promise of being there to answer your questions afterwards. They gave us order forms while at training so that we could order the chemical peeling agents from them later. Well my first order was fine, but then when I needed to place another order, they said that they do not offer those products and that I needed to order it from the manufacturer. They did not bother to tell me this until two weeks after I faxed my order. So I emailed them and said I was totally confused as to why they filled my order the first time but not the second time especially since it was their name, address, and phone number on the order sheet and not the manufacturer. I never got a response from them. So I contacted the manufacturer of the peeling agents and had to go through a big registration process and waiting period before placing my order. My point is I got my products late, thus put a damper on my business, because of this school that claimed I could order everything I needed directly through them. On their website, they now claim that their students can become certified aesthetic nurse specialists. I emailed them and said that I was a previous student and wanted to know how I could be certified. Again I never heard from them.
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    I thought I wanted to do Botox and Restylane and seriously researched the business in Florida and was very disappointed. It seems the MD's don't want nurses invading their territory. Even MD's that arent's interested in doing the procedures themselves do not want to cover a nurse under their license and malpractice insurance. I think the best bet is to look into other anti-aging products/therapies that don't require MD supervision.

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    Hi everyone I'm new here.. I am a pre-nursing student aspiring to become an aesthetic nurse and was just wondering, does it matter if an RN grauduated w/a BSN or ADN in obtaining the aesthetic nurse certification? How about when it comes to opening up your own practice? And is it easy to find a job in that area? I am from CA if that makes a difference.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    I am so excited that I found this thread!! I have been looking into this for about a month or so and this has been the most help yet. I just recently learned that RN's could do procedures like this (guess I have been under a rock) and I plan on making this my new adventure. Isn't nursing great.... If you get tired of one aspect of it you can just find something new and exciting to move in to. I am an ICU nurse and am getting really burned out of the whole hospital scene. It's depressing. I would love to here some input from you guys... it seems like this thread has kind of slowed down though. Well if anybody's out there it would be great to here how things are going.

    And to bluemoon06, I here through the grape vine that it is very easy to find this type of work for nurses in CA. Good luck!


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