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Today in the Sun paper (TX), I saw an ad seeking clients for an aesthetics clinic that just opened. I have also seen television commericals for them. There is no MD's name anywhere on the ad. My... Read More

  1. by   BChapp3182
    You need to call or visit online your state board to see if RN's in Indiana are restricted from performing various procedures such as Laser. Then call the state board and ask if RNs are under direct or indirect supervision in your state. Indirect supervision means the MD does not have to be on site.
  2. by   mharrah
    Quote from cosmetic tattooist
    hi ladies
    i have my 2 clinics in colorado. services are permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, scar and camoflauge. i also instruct.

    In colorado no physician is requiered for me to do this.

    Do you mean that no physican is required on site or no physician is required whatsoever? Thanks.

  3. by   BChapp3182
    If indirect supervision it means no MD on site, you will work from an established set of protocols the MD leaves for you. In a few states NP's can operate without an MD on staff. I'm not sure about Indiana.
  4. by   mharrah
    Yes, I understand this. My question was directed to cosmetic tatooist. And I live in WV. I have emailed the WV Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses to see what kind of supervision I would need. I'm just waiting to hear back. But in the mean time, if anybody knows the laws about this in WV, your input would be great. Thanks.

  5. by   ashleyd
    Thank you for your reply. I contacted the Indiana state Board of nursing and basically, the laws that apply are very vague. They don't require a MD, they just state a nurse can do what she feels comfortable and trained in doing. I requested more infromation. Do you carry malpractice insurance? i can not find anyone that provides it to nurses! I am planning on doing Botox one day a week in 3-4 different salons. Is malpractice insurance necessary? I saw a post that stated they had a sign in their lobby that stated they did not have malpractice insurance. doe sthat even protect them from lawsuits?
  6. by   kidrn65
    Have you checked with The Marine Agency about insurance? Try that...good luck.
  7. by   kidrn65

    Do you live/practice in Texas? I am a RN and according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, I need an esthetician's license to perform chemical peels, microderm, etc...even though I have receieved advanced training in these area through a CE provider. Has anyone else figured a way around this or found it to be true?

  8. by   yoga crna

    I have personal knowledge of four cases of patients who sued a nurse practitioner and her supervising plastic surgeon for bad results from (1) Botox, (2) hypertonic vein injection and (3) laser skin resurfacing. One of these cases was settled out of court for over $4000. The others are still pending and in the expensive discovery phase. Even if you have all of your personal assets hidden and are independently wealthy you still have to pay lawyers to defend you (approx $350/hour) and judgement costs. You are crazy to set up any type of asethetic clinic without malpractice insurance and notification that you have no malpractice insurance is meaningless if a patient has a real or imagined complication. They have every right to sue for malpractice.

    There is a very sucessful nurse practitioner run clinic in my area. She has a master's degree, furnishing license and has an attorney on retainer to help her with the multiple legal issues that present on a regular basis. Trust me, if a nurse practitioner has these problems, someone with a lesser
    degree and legal authority should have all of the protection they can afford.

    I am all for nurses in business, but part of being a sucessful businessperson is covering all of your bases.

    Yoga CRNA
  9. by   MTsue
    I agree with yoga crna- I have a busy day spa with 9 employees. I do peels, microderm and misc skin care. My employees do wraps, scrubs, massage, manicures, pedicures, etc. I would NEVER risk my livelihood to save a few dollars on insurance. It is my opinion that individual liability insurance and business liability insurance is a necessity. People don't just sue individuals who have "deep insurance pockets". People may sue you if they feel wronged, regardless of your ability to pay. You could lose too much.
  10. by   shakaprn
    i am currrently doing micropigmentation and just got certified to give botox and dermal fillers. i have a medical director ready to back me, but i need to know how i go about getting this legally organized. any advice???:spin:
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  11. by   nightingale
    If you need legal advice, see a lawyer. For business info, it can not be overstated, you need a Business Plan. A Business Plan is a formal and organized packet of information you have worked on individually and with, hopefully, consults. See this link for some info previously discussed; feel free to add to this list.

    Perhaps, for now, get a Business Consult. Some of us can give bits of informaton here and there but your Business Plan needs to be individulized for your situation.

    Good Luck and Let us know how you are doing.

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  12. by   shakaprn
    Hi. I have started my own business in the last year. I do micropigmentation and have liability insurance for that specifically. Recently, I have gotten certified in Botox and Dermal fillers. I have a medical director waiting to join me. I was going to switch my NSO liability from an individual policy to my business name( they have a firm policy). When I mentioned that I was looking into incorporating aesthetics into my business...they said that they do not cover self employeed nurses who do anything cosmetic. I then said OK forget the firm ploicy then and just renew my individual policy ( which I have had since 1989), I will look for liability for my business elsewhere. Guess what? They will NOT renew my individual policy either ( which I want for my perdiem nsg), they said they will not even give me that policy back, since Ialso have my own business. I even sent them a copy of my micropigmentation liability and vowed to send them a copy of whoever I'll use for the BOTOX/Fillers. NO GO! Anyone know where I can get any liability, individual or a firm policy???
  13. by   cosmetic tattooist
    try I use them for my perm. makeup, microderm and laser. They now offer botox and filler insurance