Would you even consider this???

  1. 0 Well, I've been a scrub in operating theatre for a number of years; quite like it I must add, however, with all the restructuring in the NHS, downbanding, increase in workload and salary freeze; the atmosphere have since become unbearable, so I'm thinking of trying something new - Care/Residential home nursing! Suggested this to a few persons and they give me the "are you out of your mind" look.
    Is this really such a bad idea? I've never worked in this setting before, however, I have a great love for the elderly and I feel I could make a great contribution in this area.
    What are your views guys? I just need some feed back. Go on then give me your experiences.
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    Is there any way you could do like agency work or bank work in nursing/residential home may give you a safe way to experience working in that environment without giving up your job?
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    The reasons you are getting "the are you mad" looks is the huge difference in workloads. In the OR you are in a bubble. On patient and the OR staff. One disaster at a time.

    In Elderly Care, it's a constant stream of demands and they aren't all medical. An awful lot of time is spent pacifying relatives who are convinced their senior is the ONLY one of any value or merit there. Your chance of being physically abused or injured jumps incredibly.

    It can turn into a treadmill of drudgery faster than you will ever dream.

    I did Elderly care for about four years as a new grad. I'll never return there. I've told the husband, if the only job left in nursing was in nursing homes, I'm done. I'd rather work in a coffee shop than there again.
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