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Hello: My bother has recently graduated and passed NLE in the Philippines. He plans to work in Houston, TX (God willing) but is confused of what steps to follow. TX only requires CES-Full, IELTS and NCLEX. TX BON's website... Read More

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    Pls im in texas and want to apply for the nclex exam. how can i find schools that offer these FENS refresher courses. I tried using google but no success

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    hello i also have the same problem i graduated last april 2010 and havent had any working experience ever since after grad...so im looking for where i can conduct this FENS course can anyone enlighten us...im an immigrant in the US and my flight is around august or September this year... will not having the 2yr working experience not allow me to file my application and such?
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    hello prexzone,
    i know this is outdated post..but if ever you open this..i have a question did you find a school for your refresher course? thanks Iim also here in texas and planning to take the NCLEX.

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