TN Visa and Green Card

  1. Hey guys!

    Just wondering... if I work in the United States for a few years with a TN Visa and then want to permanently move there, can I still apply for a green card? Am I able to apply for a green card on my own or do I have to have my employer sponsor me?

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  3. by   uRNmyway
    I believe there is a path to permanent residence or citizenship this way but I don't know the specifics. Your best bet is to call an immigration attorney.
    Just be careful what you post online though. The TN status is a NON-IMMIGRATION status. If you plan on applying for another when your current one expires, and CBP has any reason to think you plan on staying permanently, they could refuse you. From what I heard before I applied for mine, that was one of the most common reasons for refusal.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    People do get a green card from TN visa but you do require an employer and they have to apply. I think only other way to get a GC directly is marry a USC or family sponsor as long as requirements are met. As mentioned best to talk to a immigration lawyer familiar with NAFTA