Steps for licensing in US after graduating from Canadian nursing school

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    I am new to this website, and have been reading various posts for the past few days. I don't know if I posted this in the right place, but I need some advice on how to license for US and finding jobs early. I am currently a nursing student in the accelerated/second-degree 2 year program at Univ. of Toronto, and I will graduate next year in June. After I graduate i want to move to CT state and start working right away. I want to plan ahead and get my license sorted out. Can anyone help me understand the sequence of the steps for licensing and registering for the NCLEX? I've already contacted the board of CT nursing and know I have to send in an application form and a fee of $180, but I don't have a sense of how to time my application, how soon to send it in to make sure I don't waste any time after graduating. Do I have to wait until i have all my grades on the transcript to send in my application forms and register/write the NCLEX? And does anyone know how long the process take, or is it fatser/easier to register with another state? The board has already told me I'm not considered foreign trained, so i don't have to worry about the CGFNS.

    Also, I've already worked in CT for 2 years prior and volunteered at Yale New Haven Hospital where I want to work. There is no link on the hospital's website to nursing recruiters etc. or even departments - how can I find jobs for students who just graduate, because I won't have experience upon finishing and most jobs on their website ask for years of experience. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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    2 things you have to be aware of

    Nurse registration - you need to be licensed in Canada for some states so check with state you plan on working in. You can only apply once you have graduated from nursing school and meet requirements for state which usually involves CES from CGFNS. Other questions regarding Nurse registration we request is posted in the Nurse registration forum

    Work in the US - You will need to apply for a TN visa whcih can only be applied for once you have met state requirements and passed NCLEX as well as a employer. There are some threads in this forum discussing the NAFTA visa. You will also require a Visa Screen Certificate for TN and that can only be applied for once you have passed NCLEX. Questions regarding immigration/working in the US to be posted in this forum
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    Also add with current job situation in the US with many US nurses struggling having no experience will probably go against you in regards finding a job.
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    Thank you for your comments. I'm wondering, is it easier to register with Minnesota state? Is it faster - how long does it take on average? But I'm assuming i still have to wait until i graduate and have my final transcript before i can apply, right? And once i apply, can I register for the NCLEX or do i have to wait to get the AAT letter first? For CT state, i checked and don't need my Canadian license before i can apply (but i will still want to have this after i finish school next summer anyway). I was on a TN visa before, and it was the employer who actually applied for it for me, basically inviting me to come to work in US -so i need to find a job before I can even apply for the visa. I don't know anything about the NAFTA visa, so I'll read more about it. Thank you!
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    You will not get your ATT until the BON approves you and tells pearsonvue it is OK to release it.

    TN visa you apply for at the border however you will need visa screen certificate and a letter from emplyer offering you a job and what the job entails ie pay and duration
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    i am currently going through all this right now, so ill try to give you a little info from my experience.
    i applied for my license though minnesota, they were very fast once my application and my school requirements were submitted. took about 1 month if i remember correctly. with that said, to apply, i had to be graduated from my school of nursing because they require your transcripts to apply. once my application, transcripts and fee's were received, i applied for my AAT through pearson vue... your licensing has to be received and approved before you can apply for your AAT. once you receive your AAT in the mail, you are eligible to register to for your nclex. usually you have 3 months from the approval of the AAT to take the exam or you have to re-register (and pay the fees). i actually took the nclex yesterday and found out i passed this morning on the board of minnesota website, so it was very fast (and the pearson vue trick/ "good pop-up" works!! if you've read anything about that trick...) by the way if your planning on doing any review courses for the nclex in preparation, i highly recommend the hurst review. i actually took the exam twice, once in december and then just yesterday. the first time i didnt use hurst.. it is $300 but WELL worth the price. i also used the exam cram book that has +1200 practice questions. also, assignement, management and delegation book and i think the authors last name is LaCharity or something like that... google it if your interested and im sure you will find it. anyways... when it comes to TN visa's, im not sure if it will be different for you because you have already have one but in my case, once i receive a job offer and i have all my documents in hand (your letter of job offer, visa screen, RN license (canadian and US), and any other papers), when you go to cross the border (if your driving) or go through immigration (if your flying), at that time, you present your documents and apply for the TN visa right then and there. one day i went though the border and asked the american border guard how likely it would be that i WOULDNT be approved for the TN visa and he said as long as i have my documents and because i am an RN, it shouldnt be a problem at all. so i hope that all helps... i have spent countless hours researching all this stuff lol

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