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Now with retrogression, how long now does it takes to be granted with immigrant visa?? does it depends on what state you applied?:uhoh3: I am just about to apply my visa screen next... Read More

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    guys, how do you find an employer? can you tell me what agency you are referring to that finds an employer for you..

    should i first find and employer before taking the NCLEX or take the NCLEX then find an employer
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    Finding an employer will be very difficult, especially one that will wait 6 years until you get a Green Card.
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    Quote from louieb
    HI everyone

    i have an employer from OHIO and im done with the interview last month theysaid they're gonna think what kind of visa they will provide me.. yesterday i talked to them and said they chose immigrant visa since working visa has a high risk of getting denied.
    i know immigrant visa will take time, they said it will take like 1 and a half to 2 yrs of processing.. I know that it's not true coz i can hear alot of stories that it really takes a whole lot of time (3 to 5 yrs?)

    my question is:

    1. it's 2012 already,, is it still gonna take 3 to 5 yrs? before i get the visa?...
    2. is it the same process for us nurses to have immigrant visa with the family petition which i believe is also immigrant visa??

    hope you can give me an idea with this. thank YOU
    I'm not following this thread. I just happen to have read your post. I don't know when your employer filed you papers or if it has already been filed, but if your employer is sponsoring you as a Registered Nurse, I STRONGLY advice you to visit the USCIS website. Call them and seek information about the procedure you are doing and be guided accordingly.