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planning to migrate in canada

  1. 0 hi, I would like to know anything about the process, fees and cost of living/work opportunities in Canada. We are planning to migrate but no idea where to start. Im working as a project manager and my husband is working as I.T.

    Thanks and will appreciate your suggestions and comments.
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    This is a nursing forum. Are either of you nurses?
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    yes, I am a RN here in the Phil. would like to hear from you some suggestions and ideas. Thanks
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    You would need to contact the college of nurses in the province in which you want to work. They will instruct you on how to apply for a nursing license.
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    What route are you planning on emigrating on?

    Check the CIC website where it lists the various routes. IT may be hard as the demand isn't there plus provincially demand may not be there for nurses. My husband is IT and was able to be employed by an International company before moving to Canada, actually was working for them that aided the move and now we love it here.

    Starting point would be deciding where in Canada, see what provincial college of RN requirements are and meet them and then look at what route to take. CIC is excellent and offers clear instructions on how to complete the paperwork.

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