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hey guys! has anyone hear of PINOYCARE VISA CENTER? or who applied their services? I recently attended their orientation seminar here in davao city and they said that the CIC would shell out immigrant visas for nurses for as... Read More

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    hi sophiaclaire, its so unfortunate to hear about your case. However, why is it my friend who signed up with them last september 2009 got his full application already and that is why I am convinced to file my papers with them. I just wonder why is that they are not fair in processing. I just hope that your papers will keep on moving. Just dont lose hope...maybe this year you will be in Canada...good luck...

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    Quote from boardshorts
    That's so unfortunate.. I still don't know my stand with pinoycare, they recently opened a new office here in davao, and the head is my former schoolmate from ateneo, she's also a nurse supervisor now in one of the biggest hospitals in Davao and her Mother is still a clinical instructor in Ateneo, she used to be our assistant dean. Those facts made me confident in signing up with pinoycare since these people have a reputation to take care of. I am praying that they could really deliver what they promised.
    No, the agency doesn't have to deliver what they promise.

    It's the Canadian government and Colleges of Nursing who have the final say. It's up to them if you meet the standards for admission to the country and the nursing profession. Utimately, they do what is best for the citizens and residents of the nation.

    Don't tie so much hope and faith into personal ties.
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    yeah it's up to them. I know that there's a possibility that a visa could be denied, that's the risk I have to take. Better tryin than doin nothing. I am crossing my fingers..
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    yes you are right, if you will not take the risks you will not be successful...just keep on praying and believing in God almighty...
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    That is true soting. when will your friend leave? how long has he been processing?
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    I talked today to a nurse who used Pinoy Care after they did a presentation in Bohol. I asked her some questions about what they do for her, and I don't think she really knew that much!

    The people here who attended the Pinoy Care presentation -

    Do they say they will find nurses work in Canada as nurses, or caregivers, or do they specify? On their website, they refer to their contact company as Rosenblatt Associates who run

    What type of visa do they give nurses? Do they find employers who follow the procedure for hiring foreign workers - LMO, PNPs, etc.

    I also have the same question as previously asked - anybody know of someone who used this agency and is now in Canada? How long did the process take?

    Anybody?? HELP!!
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    pinoycare will help you get an IMMIGRANT VISA, it's up to you to find a job in canada
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    Not sure how they help you get an immigrant visa when paperwork can easily be found on the CIC website plus instructions on how to fill it in. Honestly it is very easy to do, I have done it both for coming out here and now for PR. I have done it all without using an agency or consultancy. Also employers especially hospitals will have at some stage dealt with IEN's so will be aware of what paperwork they need to get for you like LMO if applying for a TWP
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    canman, silverdragon is right you can apply for an immigrant visa yourself without goin through an agency.
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    I just attended the seminar in mandarin hotel,gateway cubao jan. 23, 2010..the seminar was pretty nice and convincing. most of my friends are interested in signing up, but i want to investigate and trying to find out more about the agency if it is reliable. Do you 100% recommend Pinoycare to help us go to canada?? Please help us,,,

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