Once I graduate I plan to leave immediately to work as an RN in the US

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    hey everyone i am a new user and currently a nursing student in the american university in beirut. our nursing program is accredited by the US and i am also a croatian citizen. nursing jobs are terrible where i live. so once i graduate i plan to leave immediately to work as anRN in the us. ive been reading that this is almost impossible for a foreign new grad to do! any answers from anyone in the field?
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    What visa do you plan on using to enter the US?

    There is a huge waitlist for greencards and no shortage of US educated nurses looking for their first job. Hiring preferences always go to locally educated new grads.

    You need to do a lot more research.
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    New grads are unemployed in the USA , and Fiona right there is no legal way to work in the usa
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    How is an overseas program accredited by a US accreditation agency? That makes no sense whatsoever
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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    How is an overseas program accredited by a US accreditation agency? That makes no sense whatsoever
    I thought so too, but the university web site states

    "The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) and the MSN program
    are registered by the Department of Education of New York State, HEGIS codes 1203.00 and
    1203.10, respectively. The BSN and MSN programs are accredited by CCNE, the Commission on
    Collegiate Nursing Education, in the USA. AUB School of Nursing is the first School of Nursing
    outside the US territories to be accredited by CCNE."

    Also listed in the CCNE web site

    My guess is they are copying foreign medical schools who use this venue to assist students to get approval for licensing.
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    I am in a very similar situation I just graduated in December and my OPT starts in February. I haven't decide if I should get my BSN here in the US or just move to a different country and finish my education. No opportunities @ US at this time.

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