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I am starting a new thread to track cases from NVC - embassy to GC. The best news for RN in China, Phillippines and India has been great and informative thread, but I think it is more appropriate... Read More

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    Quote from presC.
    what's the meaning of CP? GC?
    CP = Consular processing
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    what is the website of the us embassy in manila where you can find the schedules of interview?thanks
    Go to :


    Click on Visa Interview Appointments
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    Just a question, in my appointment letter it states that "those members of your family listed in the attached page must appear with you on the above appointment date", I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old kid, do I have to bring them in the embassy? Im just confused because I read somewhere that you may opt not to bring the kids??? For those who finished your interview any comments?

    And if I really need to bring them along, is it ok to bring feeding bottles? :chuckle My youngest son cannot survive without them

    Please share. Thanks!
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    Which ever family members that are going to be going with you need to be there. A bottle should be just fine.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    Which ever family members that are going to be going with you need to be there. A bottle should be just fine.
    Great, thanks!
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    Hi Dale,

    Thought that you had gone underground for awhile.
    or to a beach someplace.

    Oh well...just had a nice and quiet weekend...you bet i missed you...
    Also i had some headaches lately, i was advised by my opthalmologist to limit my use on computers particularly this site...it is very addicting you know...hehe

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    hi there!!!!

    case category: EX sched A
    USCIS receipt: jan 2004
    Approval date: march 2004
    Service center: Vermont
    NVC forwarded packet: Sept 2004
    Forwarded additional documents; June 2005
    Case completed: June 17, 2005
    Case number: MNL2004XXXXX
    Interview date: ??????

    how soon can I expect the interview date for the embassy. August 2005 interview schedule for embassy in Manila does not list my case number for interview. Should I expect it this September??? Really, anxious!!!! What if the visas are all used up again? My friends at work have all received their interview dates this August, except for 3 of us. Thanks
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    Can't guarantee the same month for you, but I can guarantee that you will be able to get thru with this group of visas.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    Can't guarantee the same month for you, but I can guarantee that you will be able to get thru with this group of visas.
    Hi Suzanne; I'm about to be scheduled for the Embassy interview. Do you know where could I check, through the internet, for this date? I'm from Uruguay.
    Thank you
  10. by   suzanne4
    not sure what the code is for the embassy where you are. since it is so small in your area, i would suggest phoning them and just ask them or have them give you their website address for you ro keep checking.

    the baisc address is:http://usembassy.state.gov.posts/.........
    where i have red is where the code would go for the embassy in your location.
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    Any updates on you guys?

  12. by   Faby
    Quote from himdale
    Any updates on you guys?

    Hi Dale, and everyone: No, not yet, I'm sstill waiting for NVC to send my file to the Embassy. Hope it'll be soon.
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    Just finished my medical (Philippines) and I just want to share my experience.

    Everybody was telling me that I should come early, so we did, my better half and 2 kids, went to the clinic at 3:30am (the clinic start processing at 6:00am) and were already number 4 It pays to be early because initial processing of your papers at the reception area will take much of your time and the rest will just be a waiting game. On the first day this is how it went..

    Reception area - your number will be called at the reception area, make sure that you photocopied your appointment letter for each of you dependents plust 1 copy. You'll be asked to accomplish a form (also for each individual) make sure that you have your case number (MNL2004XXX), the address of your employer/agency and their telephone number. If you have a relative in the US you also need to include that. They will ask to give a date on the "intended departure to the US" and port of entry. Then they will ask you to go inside the room for your picture to be taken. Your next step will be the cashier.

    Cashier - the dollar to peso exchange rate is incredible! so brace your self, if the the existing exchange rate is 56 to a dollar, they usually add 1 peso, so in our case it was 57 to a dollar! Good grief!

    After the cashier, your number does not matter anymore. It can be anywhere now, but in our case this is how it went and my remarks

    Vital signs and eye exam - If you have eyeglasses, make sure to bring them they will ask for it.
    Chest xray - if you have an old xray plate of more than 3 months they will ask for it. If you dont have any they will ask you to sign a form which indicates the reason why you do not have any. Again, it is a waiting game. Make sure that you check your names because it can cause delay. If you're female, they will ask you when was your last period and you have to go to the laboratory first to have a pregnancy test and HIV testing. Please note that if you have your monthly period, you have to come back after your menses. They will not allow you to have your physical exam if you have.

    Laboratory - No hassle, everything went well and the Med Tech is a sharpshooter, no pain at all!

    Immunization interview - if your an adult just show the chicken pox marks and the doctor will check everything and will just give you an MMR. For kids, make sure that they have a baby book or a medical certificate indicating all their vaccinations. This was a cause of delay for us so we have to go back to our family doctor and get this.

    Physical exam - They will ask you to disrobe, no exemptions even the kids! :icon_roll and you'll be examined by the coldest doctor!

    If you dont need to repeat your xray, just go to the 5th floor USA counter and she will schedule the following day for your immunization and the medical result release.

    Was done at 9:00am, not bad, 3:30 am - 9:am

    2nd Day

    Came in at 7:00am and there so many people already

    Went to immunization room, waited for 2 hours. My kids waited for 3 hours. Finally were immunized before 12nn. I got one shots and my poor kids got 4 each. Remember to follow up your case every now and then, people there tends to forget.

    Releasing, now this was the longest part. You have to wait for your name to be called, usually 1-2 hours, you have to sign papers and then wait again for another 1-2 hours. They will only give you your immunization record, explain it and then will ask for 2 2x2 pictures and your passport. They will be the one to forward the results, your picture and passport to the US embassy. And after that you can go home, finally! :hatparty:

    Hope this helps :wink2:
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