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    This is for Overseas Trained Nurses asking about the Migrant Bridging Program available in Victoria, Australia.

    University of Ballarat
    Pre-registration Program for Overseas Qualified Nurses (PPOQN)

    Course Outline

    The Re-entry Program for Division 1 Registered Nurses (RPRN) and Pre-registration Program for Overseas Qualified Nurses (PPOQN) is an 11-week non-award program that leads to registration as a Division 1 professional nurse with the Nurses Board of Victoria (NBV), Australia. The program contains both theoretical and clinical components and is delivered at accredited health care venues in central and western Victoria that are ‘Partnered’ with the University of Ballarat. Both components of the program require satisfactory completion of assignments and/or clinical competencies.

    Written confirmation from the NBV as to the eligibility of participants to undertake this program must be obtained before applying for the program. Note that satisfactory completion of this program does not entitle the participant to employment at clinical venues utilised in delivery of the program.
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    How much is the cost of the Program?
    - 8000 AUD

    click link to University of Ballaratfor 2007 Schedule of Domestic Tuition Fees for non award courses.
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    Victoria University
    Pre-registration Course for Overseas Qualified and Re-entry Nurses

    The objective of this course is: to prepare nurses registered outside Australia, and nurses who are seeking re-entry following a lapse of registration, to provide safe and comprehensive care to individuals, and groups in a variety of health care settings within Australia. This objective will be pursued in accordance with the ANMC or previously known as ANRAC competency standards as endorsed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC), 2005. Competencies will be achieved in an environment that fosters the individuals’ personal, professional and intellectual growth. Clinical competence will be assessed by clinical teachers, who are committed to the needs of overseas & re- entry nurses. Successful completion of the course will lead to registration as a Division 1 Nurse with the Nurses Board of Victoria.
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    Deakin University
    Pre-registration Nursing Course for Overseas Qualified Nurses

    Completion of the course will enable the student to:
    provide comprehensive nursing care in contemporary health care settings in Australia;
    foster the development of critical reasoning and reflection, conceptualization, innovative thinking and the ability to transfer skills and knowledge to new and novel situations;
    develop attitudes and skills achieving Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) competencies in nurse practice;
    facilitate a broad understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities aligned with being a registered nurse;
    use a range of information technologies including word processing and retrieving of information;
    increase the knowledge of the Australian social, cultural, political and economic context in which health services operate and where graduates are employed;
    develop the skills for independent study and a commitment to life-long learning; and
    encourage graduates to take responsibility for the development of nursing as a discipline and profession.
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    hello. may i ask. i am applying to NBV. who can certify my documents? they have mentioned that authorized persons are: public notary, judge or australian embassy. i have around 10 documents: diploma, passport, birth certificate, transcript, rle hours, ielts, prc certificate, prc license, english as a medium of instruction etc. should i have a public notary for this? some say a public notary for aussie is justice of peace-where in i have to go straight to the aUS embassy, problem-the authentication is PhP720 per page. so thats 7k?!? im not sure where to certify my documents so as not to waste money and time. thank you.

    does anyone know where NBV documents can be accepted as certified true copies? who has been through this? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.
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    When I sent copies of my documents to the NBV I had them certified by a public notary here in the USA. I had no problems.
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    thank you very much =) i shall do the same, although here in the philippines then.
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    is there anyone here who is applying to victoria university?
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    hi, Victorian

    i think u can go to any firm of the notary public in ur country, it doesnt cost much actually. like where i live in HONG KONG ( it costs around 80 hkd per page). i dont know whether its expensive or not but i think i have no choice, Im going to bring my documents to certify also in those notary public firm.........since the ANMC needs certified copies by those authorities........
    i think it should be fine!
    by the way, GOOD LUCK !!!
    (RN from HONG KONG)
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    You need to check specifically with the Board as to what they will accept.
    For the US, and if one is out of the US; anything of importance is always notorized by the US Embassy. Many times, notaries in other areas are not always legal.

    Best to make sure of their qualifications before having the documents notarized by just anyone. And that they are truly legal and a registered notary in that country.

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