no ielts exam but with ahpra letter of approval - page 2

hi everyone, does anyone from here already had their letter of eligibility from ahpra even without the flat 7 ielts exam but submitted a cert from secondary school and uni from the phil that all subjects were taught and assessed... Read More

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    I have applied to AHPRA on 15th Sep 2011 ,without ielts but send certs stating that my secondary and nursing education are taught in english. After receiving my application AHPRA had asked some additional documents.And after sending all the documents ,I received an e-mail from AHPRA on March 06'12 ,that they have received all the necessary documents and i would be notified if i am eligible for registration.
    Does anyone know how long will take for AHPRA to send the eligibility letter if i am qualified?.. I am really frustrated as it is taking very long time...I also wanted to take ielts training course ,but only after the result as the course is very expensive.

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