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:eek: :confused: Hi Everybody I think I need some help with the CGFNS Ex. I've just failed on July 2003. Iwas really sure that I did well, but I failed. the major problem is that as I'm not living... Read More

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    Hi Arayav: I don't know about other States different from California in which CGFNS is not required. I think you can see in members. There are all the States and you can contact some to see where CGFNS isn't required. Otherwise you'll have to sit for CGFNS. But as far a s I know it's required in almost every State. Besides since NOV. 2003 CGFNS is a goverment requirement to get the Green Card. FROM URUGUAY,I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK !!!

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    How many of you that are waiting to take the CGFNS exam have applied and paid for the Visa Screen? This will be a requirement of all nurses after July, 2004, no matter what type of work permit you have, temporary or green card. Visa Screen requires you to be quite proficient in English, speaking, and writing, with scores similar to what a native speaker would have. So for those of you that were having difficulties with any of the forms, please consider more English classes or you will have quite a bit of trouble with your exams. Remember, in the US, you are responsible for any order that you transcribe or take verbally. "My English isn't good enough" is not a viable excuse. Get yourself prepared well.

    Good luck to all of you!
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    What is actually the visa screen for? How can it be necessary after July, 2004. Is that mean, I won't need it if I start my working permit and green card application before July, 2004? I really hope I won't need to get any other 'service' from the CGFNS. I hate CGFNS!
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    Visa Screen is now mandatory for all healthcare personnel wishing to work in the US and obtain a temporary work permit, such as an H1-b or a green card. Previously it was only required for green card applicants. What this also now means that any nurse from Canada on a NAFTA work permit will also need to complete the Visa Screen. It is only a matter of filling out some paperwork, if you registered to take the CGFNS exam and paying the fee. Would recommend that you get the process started as soon as possible because if you wait to do it in the end, it may take you 6 months to a year. I have all of my students start the process as soon as they begin their studies with me so that they won't have a hold-up after completing their exams.
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    You can not begin any green card application without Visa Screen being completed. And if you happen to be in the US now on a temporary permit, and leave the US after July, 2005 for a visit home, you will not be allowed back into the US without it. The law becomes mandatory this July, 2004 but for nurses already working in the US on a temporary permit, they have a one year extension. It has been a requirement all of the time if you were applying for a green card.
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    Hello dear Suzanne
    Could you please help me with one matter.
    I'm researching now what's the best route for me to start working towards obtaining a green card. I'm a foreing educated nurse. I know i have to obtain the CGFNS Certificate, pass NCLEX, fill in the Visa Screen and then apply for immigration.
    the headache for me is in what order should i take these steps in order to get to US quicker. I know from your posts that visa screen takes a long time for example.
    PLease, advise me.
    Thank you very much.
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    My suggenstion:
    1. Apply for Visa Screen Certificate-----this actually takes the longest because of evaluating all of your credentials.
    2. Submit paperwork for CGFNS exam.
    3. Complete English exams, if required.
    4. Take CGFNS exam-----remember that this exam is only given three times
    per year, March, July, and November. It is given all over the world, but at only six cities in the US. Deadline for July exam is mid-April and that deadline is for ALL materials to be received by CGFNS office, not just your application. Verification from your Board of Nursing and your nursing college has to also be received.
    5. NCLEX exam.
    Hint: When you send in for verfication to your nursing school, have them fill in the form, as well as submit a transcript, just one time and this will cover you for both applications. You won't need to submit twice. Same thing with your license verification, you need to do this only once.

    Good luck.....
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    Thanks a lot for your promt reply Suzanne.

    But before i apply for CGFNS exam do i still have to fill in the Certification Program forms? will they run another check of my educational backround?

    Thank you.
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    The Certification program includes your CGFNS exam. You pay $295 and that lets you take your exam, and includes just that you passed TOEFL or TOEIC, if you are required to take the English. Getting the certification no longer gives you the right to work in the US as a nurse. You must complete the Visa Screen just as it has been required in the past if you are planning to work in the US. For those of you that do not have a visa for the US that allows you to work, such as from marrying a US citizen, or someone that already has a green card, you must complete the Visa Screen process. There is no way around it.

    Good luck to all of you.
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    In response to Faby's note above: CGFNS is not required for a green card. You have a choice of either CGFNS or NCLEX. English is required for all, except if you have trained in a country where English is the native language, or your program was taught completely in English.

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