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:eek: :confused: Hi Everybody I think I need some help with the CGFNS Ex. I've just failed on July 2003. Iwas really sure that I did well, but I failed. the major problem is that as I'm not living in US i had to travel... Read More

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    CGFNS is required by 45 of 50 states for initial licensure. So, if you want to work in one of those states, you need the CGFNS exam. Requirements for processing of the green card is either passing scores on CGFNS or NCLEX and the complement of English exams if you are not exempt from them.
    NCLEX is only available in the US and not all nurses qualify for a tourist visa to take it. In many countries, the nurse wages aren't high enough for the nurse to qualify for a tourist/visitor visa, so by being able to use CGFNS exam in their own country, they can get the work done for the green card.

    Where are you interested in working? What area of the country? What specialty? Have you completed your series of English exams?
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    Have you applied to any Board of Nursing for permission to take NCLEX yet?
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    Is anybody knows web site name to check CGFNS results?

    Thank You
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    Quote from lapohbka
    Is anybody knows web site name to check CGFNS results?

    Thank You

    I got my results quickest from CGFNS site itself.
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    [QUOTE=moffist]I got my results quickest from CGFNS site itself.[/QUO

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    I just logged on in my name and it went from Pending to licence number which meant I passed.
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    Quote from moffist
    I just logged on in my name and it went from Pending to licence number which meant I passed.
    I was trying to log in so many time and i didn't see pending license ..What option should i use?

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    You go to and then log into your account. It will post pass or no pass there, the score will not be posted, it will only be sent to you in the mail.
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    download application form from you dont need ss number portion to be filled up yet. good luck

    Quote from arayav
    I need information form Shadi. Please help me too. I have asked for application form and I got it already. But I have a problem that is I don't have social security number. What should I do? I can't get my social number now...I have to wait. So if anyone know how to apply in which state that easy to apply ...Please tell me ..I really need help.
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    I will repeat myself for the 100th time, if you are a foreign nurse, do not go for initial licensure in California. California will only issue you a license after you have a SSN#, not before. Which means that if you try to endorse to another state you will be unable to as you will not actually have a CA license. They only send you a letter that you meet all of the requirements, but do not actually issue you a number without the SSN#. You have up to three years to get the number submitted to them, but with the new changes for some of the countries, that may not be enought time.

    One that I highly recommend is New York. CGFNS actually takes care of obtaining all of the required info because of the specail credentials verification that NY requires, you do have to pay a few extra dollars for it, but they will actually issue you a hard licnese as soon as you pass the NCLEX exam.

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