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hi! Ive applied for an assessment for RN in NSW. I can say that I know very much on the how to's in applying for bridging course in Australia since I did it on my own. I got the recommendation letter from the board and was... Read More

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    @javRN, yes i've checked that page, thank you.... I think i'm positive to apply for NMBWA next week.
    Thanks again javRN, God bless you and all the nurses
    Wish me luck

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    r u applying in victoria or nwa? which one is faster in assessing the documents?

    tnx for ure help
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    Quote from javRN
    you are correct sir. if you take the GSM pathway, DIAC will require you to have completed the ANMC assessment, and in all instances, if you finished your Nursing education in the Philippines, you will be required to undergo an accredited Bridging or Conversion program in Oz before ANMC will grant you a certificate. It does not mean that our education system in the Phils is not at par with Aus, its just that they think we should have a better understanding of Nursing laws and practise issues related to australian healthcare in general and issues related to Australian nursing practice in particular. And the only way to ensure that is for you to take a bridging course. cheers.
    true it is confusing....might as well wait for the natl reg.this july 1....
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    Hi Kathiemae,

    This thread has been really quiet for some time. You are right, your question regarding which state board is quicker in processing applications is virtually moot. Let us just wait for the new requirements of the National Board for overseas trained nurses who want to work in Oz. There is another long running thread of more than 500 pages about nurses wanting to work in australia. It might interest you and it is worth your while reading:

    Good luck. Are you from Mandaue?

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    knock knock!!!!!
    abandoned thread??
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    Quote from dumb
    knock knock!!!!!
    abandoned thread??
    Let's keep the thread alive!!!
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    can someone help me with the new overseas registration form?=>> AHPRA - Forms

    -PRC verification as in Good standing lang ba needed?
    PRC certificate? ano mga needed sa PRC?im currently in australia..confused ako..
    -can anybody share a sample WORK STATEMENT with the guidelines specified?hindi ba pwede volunteer nurse lang ako?

    Pls help me with the reqts..kudos sa lahat..=)
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    please check out this thread. im sure you will find the answers to your questions here
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    thanks =)
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    July 1 has passed people!
    Hope to hear feedback from those who applied under the National Registration.
    Good luck!
    Lt's keep our fingers crossed!

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