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Hello, here I am again, asking your kind heart as to provide me information on what is the best nclex reviewer to buy. I went to National bookstore and asked for nclex reviewer the available reviewers are from mosbys and... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    No they do not have cheaper copies for any other country, that is what I am telling you. Even Thailand where the salaries are similar for nurses, the only rate is the same as for the US with the postal charges added on. That is why they are illegally printing copies in PI. Most are not legal, and if they do not have the same rate as the other countries, they are illegal copies.
    If that's the case, I wish I just used amazon. Too late.

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    I do hope that one of you will contact Elselvier in Singapore and get their official word on this and then post it here.

    I cannot possibly think of a reason where one country could make their own copy when the rest of the world is not able to. And there are countries that are much poorer than PI. Something is not on the up and up, and these versions cannot be taken out of PI either. Another thing that makes me very suspicious of it.
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    I emailed them. I hope they reply. This is their site:
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    Definitely keep me posted on this one. Thanks for doing that.
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    Hi Suzanne. I received a reply.
    Screenshot from google mail:

    He must be talking about this:

    (This is the back cover of Saunders Comprehensive 3rd E.)


    (back of Saunders Strategies..)

    Sorry for crappy camera.
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    All local versions legally re-printed and published locally in the Philippines are good. They are re-printed for purposes of affordability.

    Aside from the hologram logo at at the back, there should be a disclaimer there saying something like re-printed w/ permission from Publisher A and could not be sold outside the Philippines, etc..

    The local re-prints are printed on mimeograph (brown paper) w/ no colored pictures and is soft-bounded w/ a fully colored, graphic cover of good quality as you had illustrated.
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    I see. Thanks lawrence.
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    Still do not understand why this is permitted in Philippines and not any other country, such as Thailand, Malaysia, or even Indonesia.
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    The Philippine editions are paperback reprints licensed by the publishers but manufactured locally by a licensed local publisher as a low-priced edition for students who can't afford to buy the original glossy, acid-free paper, fully colored ones.

    There will be a remark at the back of the cover and on the first few pages that it is a special lower-priced edition for the benefits of students and is not allowed for re-sale outside the Philippines.

    I figure it may be sort of competition for pirated ones. Music CDs, VCDs and DVDs in the Phils. are also much lower in prices than other countries to curb out piracy.
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    I went to the US last 2006 bringing some books that i bought from C&E (Philippines Reprint) and again, this year. I never had any problems when my luggages were checked in the Airport Customs. The books were the first things you'd see when you open the bags but the people there didn't even check if these were bootleg copies or if there's a hologram at the back. So I guess these books are legal since i went through Customs twice already

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