Immigration Canada or the USA

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    Hello All !!

    I am into final year of BScN which will be done by Nov-2014, also have an experience of 3.5 years into Maternity.

    Please advise on how to get job in US/Canada .

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    Start by reading the many threads here that have been posted on this topic.
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    What kind of maternity experience? A midwife? It seems not a nurse as you have yet to finish your degree. What country? There is no shortage of new grad, inexperienced nurses in the US and nurses were removed from the needed occupation list earlier this year. You would be able to apply for a job with a license in that country (assuming you qualify for approval by the board of nursing/college of nurses) both US & Canada are generalist trained requiring clinical and theory in adult, geriatric, pediatric, mental health & maternity completed in nursing school. Canada requires licensing in your country of education and so do several US states.
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    Moved to Immigration forum

    USA you need to meet state requirements and pass NCLEX then look for a employer willing to wait the several years for immigrant visa before you can live and work in the US.

    Canada many different routes to immigrate to the country however nurses are currently off the Federal Skilled list so you will need to read the CIC website and decide which route is for you. Depending on the province you plan on living and working will depend on how hard it is to find a employer as many nurses are struggling at the moment especially in some provinces.

    Which country are you training in and planning to move from?
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    I am licensed registered nurse and midwife from dar es salaam, Tanzania.
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    I am licensed registered nurse and midwife from dar es salaam, Tanzania. Planning to move Canada or US.
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    Julie.. Do u mind if I forward you my resume ?
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    No, I cannot help you find a job. There are more than enough unemployed Canadian nurses.
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