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Hospital sponsors

  1. 0 hi nurses
    i want to move to melbourne and wondered if anyone could suggest good hospitals to apply to or ones to avoid. i will be asking them to sponsor me as i am overseas but i have lots of experience.
    thanks in advance
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    First of all you need to be registered as an nurse with AHPRA. I do not think you can be too fussy about who will sponsor you, especially in Melbourne were things are now tight for nurses, especially if you are not in the specialties of OR, ICU, MID, RENAL.

    You will have to do a google search for Melbourne hospitals and ask, though I have heard it has become extremely difficult to find a sponsor even in aged care in Melbourne. Try Sydney NSW before they are oversupplied as well! or become an EN jobs are a plenty, though overseas nurses are not sponsored for these positions.

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    You would need to apply for your AHPRA registration before you apply to Hospitals, have you already done this? If not then I would suggest sending your application to the Darwin office as the other offices are currently taking a while to process applications. Have you also tried going through an agency to help you secure a position with sponsorship?

    G.P.O. Box 9958
    Darwin NT 0801

    Hope this helps
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    many thanks
    i have the forms for the ahpra but i thought i would wait a while as it appears you all apply for registration before june 1st
    do you agree
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    thanks ceridwyn
    i have icu experience, i got sent some en job vacancies from a hospital i signed up with
    but i dont think ill be applying (uses to be an en)
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    check the web, theres a lot of work available, you just need relevant hospital experience
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    Quote from jambala
    check the web, theres a lot of work available, you just need relevant hospital experience
    is one year hospital experience enough to be able to get a job in Australia? TIA!
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    To danceinstructor. where u able to successfully find anything? I have been trying myself.
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    is one year hospital experience enough to be able to get a job in Australia? TIA!
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    As stated, if you would like to work in Australia, then you should first gain your registration with the AHPRA. Ultimately, you will need this to gain employment. Things have changed in recent years in that gaining employment depends upon gaining registration first. An employer cannot sponsor you if you are not a registered nurse.
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    as the previous poster said, you cant be fussy on which hospital to apply. At the moment australia is oversupplied of RNs. I was sponsored by a hospital and since then they have stopped sponsoring and started hiring new grads.

    If your very keen in applying here as an RN in AU. go about the process step by step.

    1st and the most important part -IELTS 7 in all bands.
    2. get registered in AU
    3. have supporting documents for your experience
    4. look for hospitals, any hospitals and do not limit your prospects to melbourne! i was so desperate one time that i was even looking for sponsorships in rural australia!

    good luck!