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Hello all, So a friend recently traveled to Bermuda, and was told that RN's are in demand over there... You can get a 3 year working contract, plus they pay for your apt right next to the... Read More

  1. by   Lammy01
    I did get my BSN from the USA. I guess they changed the requirements recently. I guess I should just consider myself lucky :-). They change everything so frequently and really a lot with not much thought. But, the nursing council is going national now instead of state by state. So maybe that is why things have changed? Not sure. But, that sucks. I wonder what the rationale is behind making new grads do a course. They're just making it a little harder i guess...
  2. by   sierrapaf
    Yes, you are lucky...That guidelines also entails additional cost wherein the course cost around 8-10 thou AUD. Actually the course is just a review of the nursing subjects plus a subject on Australian Culture (something like that) and a month of clinical practice. Indeed a big investment for the course itself....Thanks for the reply
  3. by   12cycle21
    Lammy01, I am recently looking at moving to Australia after I graduate in December here in the States. Where in Australia are you? I read something that said beginning nurse's salary was 33K over there...obviously not?! I'd love to hear more info in terms of how doable it is to land a job over there after going to school in the US with no working experience. ANd how does one go about getting a hospital sponsor? I have just started the search process and so really have no idea where to start! It's all very overwhelming. So, if you have any good websites that I should check out or places to look for jobs that would be great too! I am new to this website...maybe talking over email would be better if you're interested? Thanks and all the best to you!
  4. by   trich3
    Hey, so for one I'm entirely new to this thing, and secondly, I am currently in my first year of an RN program in Florida. I am very much interested in working in Australia and in reading these posts I am curious as to where I start and how you got to where you are now.
    Obviously I still have a year and a half before I graduate and then take the NCLEX but I figured if I start my planning early then my chances of meeting the requirements are greater.
    So, my questions are: where do I begin? where do I find information on what I need to be doing to get into the field overseas? Will I need to contact a specific person or company to possibly take a study abroad visit before just taking off to Australia and applying for a job? From what I've learned/heard so far, the majority of places require a couple years of experience before they will hire. I completely understand the rationale behind that but there's got to be some way around in an internship or something?.. I would greatly appreciate any of your advice or recommendations! Also, I have a few friends from Australia and I'm in full agreeance..GO AUSSIES
  5. by   rach333
    hey Lamm01 I am looking to work abroad in Sydney Australia.
    I am a new graduate nurse as well. How did you gain sponsorship and at what hospital? I've looked in to it but its all gotten so confusing, it would be great to talk to someone who has gone through it.
    thanks for your reply!
  6. by   hreynolds
    Hello i am too a new grad nurse looking for work in Australia, particularly Sydney. Any information on applying for new grad courses and sponsorship would be great.
    Do you have to have your Australian registration, before you can apply for sponsorship and new grad programmes?

    Thank you
  7. by   Lammy01
    Im not sure how much help I can be. I think a lot of hospitals go in waves about hiring new staff. So you just have to call, email, and look online as openings as much as possible. In Queensland I know that Uniting Health hires new Grads- they have a network of hospitals- just google it- some are in Brisbane and others are a bit further north. Also, there are a few hospitals that hire new grads you just have to apply and talk to lots of people in HR. It can happen- in wise of getting hired after graduating from USA- I did it. So I don't see why you couldn't. It wasn't easy but, it is possible.

    It does take awhile to get visas and registration and the regulations are constantly changing. And in terms of getting a hospital to sponsor you. well just HR if the hospitals sponsor nurses- every hospital is different. The ones that don't sponsor- don't waster your time. and just focus on the ones you have a chance with.
  8. by   Missg920
    Have you ever looked into the World Health Organization? I know that there are lots of options for people in the healthcare field to work all over the world. Check out their website, and see what you think
  9. by   rroo
    Hello Lammy01.. quick question.. Did you take your NCLEX before going to Australia and then start working as a graduate nurse? or how did that work? thanks!
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rroo
    Hello Lammy01.. quick question.. Did you take your NCLEX before going to Australia and then start working as a graduate nurse? or how did that work? thanks!
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    If I remember rightly a license where you trained is required. The process isn't quick so better to gain some experience whilst going though the process with APHRA and immigration
  11. by   Bilquis
    Hello Frnds
    Im new to this Site..just Registerd
    I Will be Graduate in Nursing from India n Willing to Join IRON programe in Aus N Wrk..i also hv Ielts wd 7 in Spkng n Writing n remaing 2 wd 6.5 but i exactly dnt knw whome to Approach..sum Consultancies here r Fake for the Sake of Tkng Money if any of u can provide me with Detail PRoces to go Aus n Join Iron or Any bridgng Programe for Getting License of Aus board as to Practise Nursing der
    Awaiting Response
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from bilquis
    hello frnds
    im new to this site..just registerd
    i will be graduate in nursing from india n willing to join iron programe in aus n wrk..i also hv ielts wd 7 in spkng n writing n remaing 2 wd 6.5 but i exactly dnt knw whome to approach..sum consultancies here r fake for the sake of tkng money if any of u can provide me with detail proces to go aus n join iron or any bridgng programe for getting license of aus board as to practise nursing der
    awaiting response
    could you please re write this so it is easier to read? remember when going overseas and english is not first language you have to sit a english exam and using websites like this is a good time to practice writing in english. also remember when writing in patient notes text talk is not allowed and only acceptable hospital abbreviations will be accepted.

    also terms of service of the site requests

    english only:
    while, inc hosts visitors from around the world, it is based in the united states and much of our membership is english speaking. due to our inability to moderate threads in other languages, we ask that interactions be in english for the enjoyment of as many posters as possible.please do not type entirely in capitals as it is considered shouting on the internet.

    desiring to maintain professionalism, text speak (also known as chatspeak, txtspk, texting language or txt talk) is discouraged. along with using proper english spelling and punctuation, this shows respect for the owner, other bulletin board members, guests, and makes it easier to read your message.
  13. by   trixieeebixie
    I am a nursing student in the US and I am considering looking for a new grad program in Australia actually. You described your program pretty well and i am interested, do you know if they accept new grads from a different country?