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Help! My California NCLEX wiill expire this December. My agency has passed a letter of extension to BRN early this July. They said they have indeed extended it when we called to verify by phone. But until now, we haven't... Read More

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    Quote from xandra8608
    hi! i just want to comment about buyang's latest one.
    yah, suzanne's right about the application and the green card thingy
    i heard that everything that has to do with bringing nurses here are at freeze.
    anyway, she (buyang) just wants to apply in a state that has no ruling
    regarding having a ssn within 3 years. in this present economy,it's impossible.
    she has plans on going here but not now.
    she just wants her license not to expire in a certain period of time.
    maybe that's why she's considering of switching states.
    because retaking the exam when you have already passed would be a dreadful experience.

    -nesz15 bsn rn-

    i am very aware of this, but the fact remains that she already has approval to sit for the nclex exam from ca. no reason to let this slip by. she can then follow the procedures to apply thru the new state. ca also gives three years before the letter will expire, so no reason to pay another state now when that license is going to expire as well most likely in two years or less and then additional fees get paid out again to renew it.

    we see this all of the time, but since the $200 has been spent on licensing fees as well as fingerprints, etc,; it makes no sense to change in mid-process and that is the point that i was trying to make to her.

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    HELLO, just a question to those who have applied for transfer to Vermont BON [CA BON NCLEX Passers] or to anyone who might know : in their list of requirements, it says we need to submit an NCLEX Pass letter with photo a.k.a. Candidate Report. All I got from CA BON when I passed was a simple letter saying I passed and have completed all other requirements except for submitting a valid SSN. It wasn't from Pearson Vue and didn't have my picture on it.

    Where do I request for this? From CA BON or from Pearson? And how do we go about it, via formal letter or e-mail? Is there a fee for it?

    Thank you. Sorry for asknig too many questions, I really would like to get started on my application for transfer soon.
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    I think you will find the information should come from California. You need to request that Ca pass your NCLEX results to the new BOON
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    I think you will find the information should come from California. You need to request that Ca pass your NCLEX results to the new BOON
    thank you. i'm planning to apply for transfer to vermont. would you guys know which one i should do first, do i write CA BON about my intent to have my scores sent to VT or do i apply to VT first?

    thank you
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    I would say start your process with VT first and then arrange with Ca to forward your results once you know application has arrived. If there is no application to match your results VT may not keep them on the off chance of a application
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    thank you. another question if you don't mind - is applying for score transfer discretionary like applying for the extension of the 3-year deadline in CA? i mean, the way i understand it the latter is really per the discretion of CA BON meaning they can grant it or not grant it, but with this score transfer/endorsement, is this like a...right that we have? as long as we file a request and pay the necessary fees, we're good to go? or can they deny that request?

    thank you
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    I doubt they will refuse to forward your results as long as you pay any fees. Yes asking for a extension is at their discretion
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    thank you

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