any filipino nurse working for Apex Corporation-Agency for Pinoy Excellence?

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    have you heard about Apex Corporation-Agency for Pinoy Excellence?

    they hire nurses for canada..

    will be happy to hear your feedbacks and opinion.. good or bad..:spin:

    many thanks

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    yes, they hire nurses for canada and i just recently been asessed... they need more than 2 years of experience and should pass an english exam...
    i had both and still awaiting evaluation....
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    hi whirlwind! Do you think this agency is ok? Do they really send Nurses at Canada? Do you know someone being sent by Apex to Canada?

    My friend also applied at APEX this week. Until now, there's no eddback. How long their assesment period?

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    hello i am here,
    i dont have any clue if this agency is ok or not... all i know is that i applied and they replied that my application is under "assessment" process.
    either so, i dont know if they already deployed nurses to canada...(as this is a tactful q)i applied as an international applicant and the interview was purely work related, years spent as a nurse, and questions like why i wanted to live and work in canada....
    anyhow, lets just hope that this agency will fulfill their goal of helping and assisting nurses for a better life and professional growth.
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    They just emailed me awhile ago for the interview and screening. I called up the office and they said that the health regions will be coming next month. I have IELTS band results of 7.5 and been working in a tertiary hospital in the ICU.
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    my friend just applied there even though she doesn't have any work experinece and she just took the ielts exam and passed, she say 13 out of 60 in their batch passed and tentatively will leaving the country by March...
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    Quote from ninanurse
    They just emailed me awhile ago for the interview and screening. I called up the office and they said that the health regions will be coming next month. I have IELTS band results of 7.5 and been working in a tertiary hospital in the ICU.
    hi ninanurse..

    when did you submitted your application and documents?

    I sent mine january 27 and according to their secretary, my docs were sent to the employer for evaluation. I still have no word from them, I hope to hear from them soon.

    Btw, what place did they say you will be deployed in canada?
    And, How long is the contract?
    Have you started processing for licensure there? Did they require you?

    Many thanks for your reply..:spin:
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    Oobie, just call Mary Jane of APEX again. My friends got messages (text and email) last Saturday. I am not really sure of what region. Sorry, I am not that familiar with Canada (yet but the good thing is the offer includes us working as General Nurses (not practical nurses or vocational nurses or nurse assistants). I sent my application in November but my friends sent theirs last January.

    At first, I got depressed when it took so long for the agency to respond. I was not included in the November interview and the ones who were hired then are just waiting for their visas now.

    I think the Canadian Health Regions will be coming back next month that is why they agency has been calling nurses who have IELTS. After we get hired, we need to register with their region and when we get to the hospital we prepare and take the CRNE. I think nurses who would want to work in Canada or in the US should try applying because if we get hired we are already there in less than a year.
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    General Nurses is not what the title is, there is no such thing as that either. You will be considered the same as a graduate nurse and not working in the role of the RN, which requires a license.

    You will actually be working under the license of another RN, this is how things are done in Canada as well as the US. You cannot work in the role of the practical nurse if you have not had the training to be one and have passed their licensing exam.

    The only licenses are for practical nurses and registered nurses, there are no other titles available. The agency can call it what ever they want, but it is not a licensed position. And if you do not pass the CRNE, then they can cancel your visa, as it is based on your passing the exam within a certain amount of time.
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    Ms. Suzanne, thank you for clarifying. The agency kept on mentioning GN when I called. They could have meant Graduate Nurse not General Nurse as I have assumed. Regarding the CRNE, we need to pass that. After 3 takes and we fail, we get repatriated. The agency is not the ones hiring, they are just screening the nurses. The final interview and assessment will be done by the Health regions when they come to the Philippines next month.
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