Agencies and contracts -- revisited - page 10

I am not against agencies in general, but only the ones that take advantage of nurses. Things to consider when going the route of using an agency: 1. There is absolutely no such thing as free exams, free green card, or... Read More

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    Quote from yhl1975
    Hello dear Suzanne and dear Silverdragon! For 3 years now I have been applied for Green Card Lottery and for 2010 my spouse has a Case number.
    I have Visa SCREEN , NY Board of Nursing license and turist visa.
    Could I start legaly work without Green Card,befor all Green Card process(medical exam,consul appoitment...).
    How to do legal temporary work authorization card?
    I am interested in summer work or for 3-4 month a year in NY.What options of work do I have?Thanks a lot for your help.
    You can not work without completing the process and getting GC issued. Just getting a case number doesn't help. All you can do is wait

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