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Hi All, There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty folks out there? I am from... Read More

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    Quote from hannahzp
    Vandydani, I'm psych too and haven't gotten a letter but I got the email last Friday. Did your friend get accepted? I'm guessing they're just not done with decisions yet.
    Yes she got into the program earlier this week.

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    I called yesterday about my app and it was under review too and some other FNP people have gotten in. I'm not overly concerned yet. There could be a variety of reasons for the hold up, not necessarily bad ones.
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    I agree. Plus nothing we can do about it now! Just have to be patient
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    I'm in for psych!! Did not receive the email, just a letter in the mail. Good luck everyone, SO excited!!!
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    Congrats Sarah! Did you get the letter today? Do you think you'll choose Vanderbilt over Columbia?
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    Thanks! I was gone over the weekend so I'm not sure exactly when it arrived. Yes, Vanderbilt is my first choice.
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    Congrats to everyone who's gotten in so far!! I just got back from a long weekend away and got my acceptance letter today too! So exciting!!
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    bbcc, Most people live within about 4-5 miles of campus. I don't know anyone who lives far away just because morning commutes in Nashville are pretty rough. And on clinical days we have to be at the hospital at 6am and living in Antioch would make for a very long day.
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    I just got my letter! I was accepted for PMHNP Good luck to everyone still waiting!!!!
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    I received my acceptance letter today for Women's Heath! I'm so excited to meet everyone and totally in if anyone's starting a Facebook Group!

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