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Hi All, There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty folks out there? I am from... Read More

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    Hi all. Posted on other thread some. PreSpeciality AGNP Anxious about this. 7 more weeks? Eeek!
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    I applied pre-specialty too but I've been mainly posting on the other thread because there seems to be some pre-specialty students mixed in. I didn't go to the open house in October, but I did visit the school a few weeks ago. They actually handed out the same book they give out for the open house. There is info for all of the programs in it so some of it doesn't apply. I still found it pretty useful and if anyone calls they might be willing to mail a copy. When I visited I was told the next thing we should be hearing about is financial aid. All applicants will be receiving packets about financial aid by the end of January.
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    Thanks for the info, hi616! Which specialty are you applying for?
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    No problem! I'm doing FNP and chose to do my second year as a distance learner. My biggest con for Vanderbilt is that I don't really like the way clinical placements are set up with two hour radius so I chose to do the distance thing. However that also poses a problem because I would need to apply for reciprocity before doing my second year because Illinois (my home state) is not a compact state.

    Is anyone else doing the distance learning option for year 2?
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    I think ACNP pre-specialty students are required to complete both years in Nashville. That's definitely not a bad thing though...I love Nashville! Hopefully the distance learning option will work out for you though. Is Vanderbilt your first choice?
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    Hi! It's nice to hear that someone's from Illinois as well!

    I'm applying to Vanderbilt (FNP) through a 3-2 program at my undergraduate institution. Vanderbilt is my top choice and it's exciting because Vanderbilt is the only school that offers an MSN (other schools include Johns Hopkins, Emory, etc.). However, it's a little nervewracking because I do not have a BSN and don't know what to expect in terms of mixing clinicals, lectures, seminars, etc.

    Anyone feeling the same way?
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    Hello! I'm a little nervous about what to expect too in terms of clinicals, lectures, etc., but I would feel the same way if I had done a BSN program too I think. So I'm just telling myself if I'm admitted they think I can handle it so it will all be okay.

    Are you applying to any Illinois schools? I'm applying to UIC, DePaul, and Rush. DePaul and Rush are just RN programs with an MSN though, only UIC has an advanced practice portion as well. Good luck to you!
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    I got an email on Jan. 8th setting up my PMHNP phone interview for Jan. 11th. I'm super nervous!

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