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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm... Read More

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    Is everyone visiting soon?

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    Quote from amandy45
    Is anyone who was admitted planning on attending the bi-annual open house on March 3rd? I am planning to attend, and I'm trying to figure out flights. If anyone else is going I would love to talk and try to meet up on the day. Also, any tips on flights, etc. would be helpful!
    I wish I could go! I work all that weekend, so I can't. I went to the one in Fall 2010, though, and it was very informative. Where are you flying in from?
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    hey everyone! New to the thread. Had no clue there was one going on over in this section. I was admitted today for FNP! I will definitely catch up on reading this thread as I have a ton of questions about this program.
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    Hi All!! Congrats to those who got into their program of choice at Vandy!!! I got my FNP acceptance letter today as well. I'm so excited b/c Vandy is my first choice. We all worked so hard to get here and I'm glad it is working out for us all. I will be coming out from California. @KN4321 and @dedicatedone, where will you guys be coming from? Are you set on Vandy as well?
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    @blackbird singing: I am flying in from southern California. I really want to go, but tickets are so expensive! I think I'm just going to go ahead and do it though, because I think it is incredibly important to see the school and experience everything in person

    @KN4321: CONGRATS on being accepted! That is so exciting! Like I said above, I am from California! Tennessee is quite a change for me, but I couldn't be more excited. Where are you from?
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    @amandy45: congrats on getting into Vandy!!! I'm from So Cal as well. I think Tennessee will be a nice change of pace from what we're used to. It'll certainly be an adventure =)
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    I'm also coming from Southern California but I can't make it out to the Open House as I am going to COlumbia's Visitors Day on March 2nd Bummed out these are on the same weekend - do you know if there are other open houses to attend? Are they once per month???
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    @ch0c0latefiend: Thank you so much! Congrats to you as well!! I think Tennessee is going to be a great change from what we are used to. Are you going to the open house on March 2nd?

    @dedicatedone: Congratulations on getting into Columbia as well!! That is so wonderful! Do you have a first choice? The open houses are bi-annually, so the next one will be after we already start our first semester...Enjoy Columbia to the fullest, and I will fill you in on all of the great information from Vandy once we return from visit days! Deal? haha
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    Thanks, amandy45! And at least our email says we can contact Cheryl Feldner to set up a visit at another time. I really want to get over there and look around!
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    @amandy45 - Thank you!!! No first choice as of yet - just waiting to see how things shake out and see how i can begin to finance such expensive programs as I am sure everyone is in the same boat. I would love it if you could please fill me in with all the details about the program. I am definitely considering Vandy at this time and any information would be amazing. I may try to see if I can fly out the weekend after and schedule an appointment with the SON while I am looking to make a decision. Columbia's deadline to accept is March 15th. UCSF won't even have an answer to us by then I don't think.

    How many out there are torn with other programs? How are you dealing with making such a life altering decision?

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