Undergraduate gpa

  1. I will be applying to np programs for the fall of 2015 semester. My undergraduate gpa is only a 3.198. Is that good enough to get in? Any suggestions on what classes to retake/take to boost my gpa in the event that I need to? Anyone get into grad school with a gpa similar to that? I would appreciate any input. Thank you!
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  3. by   xenogenetic
    I believe many of the NP programs set a minimum GPA of 3.0, so i would not get too worried. Check the schools you are trying to get into and many times they list the minimum gpa right within the admissions criteria.
  4. by   MallysMama
    You could always try taking a graduate level course (like pathophysiology). Getting a good grade in it would show the admissions people that you can handle grad school.
  5. by   ElvishDNP
    My undergrad GPA was 3.2. Schools look at it but it's not the only thing they look at. The grad schools I applied to focused heavily on your contributions to nursing since becoming a nurse: work committees, publications, volunteer work, etc. Also, make sure you have solid references, they will count for a good deal. All the schools I applied to looked at the whole picture once all the pieces of the application were turned in.
  6. by   BeatsPerMinute
    During my clinical rotations I met an ICU nurse who had been recently accepted into CRNA school and his undergrad GPA was similar to yours. What made the difference for him was his experience (8 years ICU, including travel nursing), taking a graduate level course (intro to anesthesiology or something along those lines), and the sort of school he applied to. According to him, some schools prefer the younger crowd, while others like their students to have more experience. Every school wants a well-rounded student.