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Has anyone applied? or know how many they take and when we will find out? Let me know! Thanks!... Read More

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    Merlin still says no status.... but the generic rejection letter was clear. Did anyone apply to other schools?

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    I haven't received a rejection or an acceptance yet. Wondering if those who were accepted had a different Merlin status than those who were not?
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    That's just crazy! I mean you sound way qualified, even more so than me because I don't serve on any hospital committees and have little charge nurse experience. I'm starting to not buy into their whole high horse about wanting applicants that have leadership and community contributions as well as good grades. Because if someone with good grades and lots of leadership qualities can't get admitted but others who don't have any experience or any leadership qualities get picked...something is wrong with the picture. I applied to like 3 different schools and so far have two rejections so I'm starting to think maybe it's time for a break lol very discouraging.
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    My merlin still was blank too. I applied to UTMB Galveston but they said they're only accepting students right now that can do clinicals in the Houston/Galveston area. UTEP will not have a fall cohort due to finding or something, so they said to reapply in the spring.
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    Yes it has been a very sad day for me. Very discouraging! I talked to one of the ACNP's that I work with and she was surprised as well! She doesn't understand it either cuz she also went to tech. I also applied to Texas a&m Corpus Christi and will hopefully find out in June...hopefully good news! I'm trying not to lose hope! But it's hard after being denied twice at the place I did my undergrad at! I'm sorry to hear about you guys also! I guess it just wasn't meant to be at this time! Try not to be discouraged too much! It just makes me want to work that much harder to do better!
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    Quote from noodlemoore
    I haven't received a rejection or an acceptance yet. Wondering if those who were accepted had a different Merlin status than those who were not?
    Yes. Your merlin status is changed under the "admission offer" tab.
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    Gah! Still nothing either way...the suspense is killing me!
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    Anyone else get a word yet? Is the status of merlin still unchanged for those that got denied?
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    I still haven't heard either. I just want to know either way. Also trying not to give up hope but thinking that I need to start applying to other schools. I was told I would hear in mid may. Come on!!
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    I got accepted to Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions BSN-DNP/FNP program for this fall. They are new but accredited. According to my research, they are an exceptional school and based on my contact with them so far I am very impressed. I am glad that I got into this school instead of TTHSC. I am not going to waste precious time on re-applying to TTHSC. Things happen for a reason....this will be better in the long run for me. The DNP will be done and I will never have to go through this application process again. They have an excellent curriculum and I am excited! I will be well prepared. You can still apply until July 23 if anyone wants to give it a shot.

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