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Has anyone applied? or know how many they take and when we will find out? Let me know! Thanks!... Read More

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    Yeah, I didn't find out until the very end of may last year...but of course I didn't get accepted. Not really sure what they are looking for! I have a good gpa and 6 years of RN experience in ICU and L&D. I just hope I get in somewhere! Good luck to everyone!

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    We're almost there!!! The days are getting longer until "mid-May"!!
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    I applied for fall 2013 as well. The anticipation is killing me! Hopefully we will all get the word any day now. Looking forward to hearing from all of you on your status and I will post as soon as I hear something. Good luck to all :-)
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    A little birdie told me that we will receive our notices on Friday, May 17.
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    Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!
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    Do you know if it will be by mail or email?
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    Email. I just got my notice @2:54. I GOT IN!! WOOHOOOOO!
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    Congratulations:-) well done!! I am still on pins and needles waiting.
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    Congrats!!! Still waiting to hear something!
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    I'm sure the rest will be sent out tomorrow.

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