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Trying to find a NP job

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I recently graduated from a Family NP program and received my certification through the AANP and I am awaiting licensure. I have been applying to various NP jobs specifically working with adults and seniors with no luck. Nobody tells you in these programs that it would be tough but it seems that being a new graduate makes it very difficult to get your foot in the door even for the interview process. How is one supposed to gain experience and feel more confident and competent in your role if employers won't give you that chance?
    I would appreciate any feedback or advice.
    Thank you,
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    Have you looked for positions at community health centers? They seem to be more willing to hire new grads, as their pay is usually a bit lower than most private practices. You get great experience, plus may be eligible for loan foregiveness.
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    Quote from BCgradnurse
    Have you looked for positions at community health centers? They seem to be more willing to hire new grads, as their pay is usually a bit lower than most private practices. You get great experience, plus may be eligible for loan foregiveness.
    Great idea. In South Florida it seems to be hospitals and private clinics but I will investigate any community health centers. I am new to this area so it has been challenging.
    Thank you,
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    Hi, I know the feeling. I just graduated in December, but had been looking for a job since October. I was finally offered a position in another state....Texas and Im from Tennessee. Most jobs want experience and most people don't want to take the risk with a new grad. You may have to try out of state like I did. But I know from experience, its tough out there, but don't give up. You will get a job!
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    One of our hospital's NP's (Employee Health) was recently laid off and replaced with an RN. Also they axed a couple of PA's.

    Times are tough for mid-level practitioners.

    But not for long I think. The ACA will increase demand of mid-levels (RN's not so much). Here's hoping looking at advancing to PA.
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    I checked out another post you wrote and saw that you completed your program in Canada. A friend had a similar situation; a couple prospective employers asked why she went to NP school in Canada (her boyfriend lived there, but they broke up shortly after she began the program. She stayed until she graduated, then moved back to NY). One employer said he would rather hire someone who was familiar with the US system, rather than that of Canada. Because most employers won't even say this to you, but still may have that prejudice, you might be wise to bring it up, yourself and convince them that they would benefit from hiring you BECAUSE of your education!

    Good luck.
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    Hi Patti,
    Thank you for your feedback. When I graduated from Canada with my BScN degree I had no problem finding work in the United States. On the AANP site I am completing my CEs and there are courses about the coding, billing etc,. and when I completed the Fitzgerald on-line course there was information about Medicare and Medicaid so I am not sure that this is the reason. It seems that when you apply for a job as a recent graduate prospective employers seem to bypass the fact that you have worked as an RN especially in the field you want to work as an NP. It is a ridiculous situation because the patients' and families are the ones to suffer from the lack of NPs in the field.
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    Hi and thank you for your positive thoughts. I hopefully have a position with a company out of Texas doing home assessment visits for elderly clients. I want to work with seniors so I hope it will be a good start. How is your new position going?
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    So sorry you're having a hard time. I know someone posted on going to a FAmily health clinic and I would have to agree. In NJ, NPs are usually asked to work in areas where they did their clinicals. Look at your local hospital "career links". If you have hospital experience, start there. Try local MDs offices as well. ONe of my clinical instructors told me that you have to "sell" yourself....meaning, when you speak to an MD in an interview, you need to tell him the importance of having an NP work for him, vs a PA or a MD "partner", etc... NPs are autonomous and work for less.

    Good luck!!