Online Adult Practitioner Program New York

  1. Does anyone know any Online Adult Practitioner programs that are approved in New York besides Stonybrook University?
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  3. by   knnyz
    Am super interested in this as well
  4. by   mairead07
    Hello LLama:
    I do know there are 2 programs approved they are Samford and Frontier but they are Family Nurse Practitioner programs. I am only interested in Adult Nurse Practitioner.
  5. by   futureeastcoastNP
    Many of the state schools in NY do not advertise they are online, because they require many campus visits. Check out all of the NY Adult NP programs and see if any are online. I compiled a list for you:

    University of Rochester
    Stony Brook
    CUNY Herbert H. Lehman
    College of Mt. Saint Vincent
    Long Island U
    Mt Saint Mary
    Sage Colleges
    SunyIT - Utica/Rome (I know they have a lot of their courses online)

    That's the complete list of all NY Adult NP programs. You can look on each website to see if they offer mainly online classes, or email someone. The only approved programs from outside of NY are Samford and Frontier, which don't offer adult.
  6. by   mairead07
    Thank you so much for the information!! The problem I am having is that I work as a school nurse and my hours are 8am-3pm. I am worried about clinicals and when I will be able to do them. Fortunately I am off for the months of July and August but that does not seem to help. When school is in session I must be here so applying for time off every week would be denied.
  7. by   Sha-Sha RN
    I'm currently a student at Stony Brook in the ANP program. I can tell you they require two 2-day on campus visits per year once you start clinicals, plus a 2 day orientation and a couple of hours on another day to do a simulated exam for health assessment class. From the list of schools in ny that offer ANP programs I know the following are onsite programs: Adelphi, Columbia, NYU, hunter, college of mt st Vincent, & liu.
  8. by   mairead07
    Thank You Sha Sha