How old is too old to become an APRN? I am 57. is that too old? - page 2

I have been an ADN RN for 25 yrs; raised and educated my family. I have always wanted to be a NP; is it too late?... Read More

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    I think I've been hanging out in all the wrong places on AN- I love this thread too. I'm 56 and will be starting back for my BSN/MSN next week- one class at a time. I do have mixed feeling about this as I feel I am knuckling under to the extortion tactics of the Nursing academia to further solidify their continued employment to the demise of our own. Wouldn't that make a great research paper!

    I'm glad to read I'm not alone in age and at this point of my career. I agree - we will all be working well into our 70's. I am undecided as to the MSN track I can persue- I have been away from bedside nursing for a little over 2 years; prior to that nursing abused me at the bedside for 30 years. Any suggestions on the MSN track would be greatly appreciated. One APN track that I absolutely don't want to do, is CRNA. I'm alittle afraid of the prescriptive priviledges/responsiblity of the NP. I was thinking more along the lines of Community Health, Nursing informatics, Nursing educator or Nursing Adminstration( never been in managment but from what I've seen them doing to us at the bedside, just maybe -- ejector buttons in the adminstration's, the board of mistrustees and CEO's chairs is in order)
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    Prescriptive authority will give you more options..
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    The APN role gives you more option in my opinion. Another option would be to combine degrees. MSN/MBA, MSN/MHA.
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    We are young and filled with experience and all that good stuff. Spread your wings darling!!!
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    I'm 56, and got my MSN last year in the Clinical Nurse Specialist track. I haven't taken the certification test yet, but I'm getting ready to go back for my post-master's as an FNP. So, in answer to your question, no....57 is definitely not too old if it's something you want to do. Good luck.
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    Wow, there is hope for me then I will see how I feel after I finish this BSN program. I would love to do an MSN and then be a FNP. I am 53.
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    Go for it!
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    I was a Med Tech for 25 years,became a nurse at 45 and a FNP at 50 and I love it. Go for it.
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    At 57, I just completed post masters certification in an FNP program and subsequently passed the AANP certification exam. Age is no issue. I found that most patients are very accepting and often more trusting of "mature" students.
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