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How old is too old to become an APRN? I am 57. is that too old? - page 3

I have been an ADN RN for 25 yrs; raised and educated my family. I have always wanted to be a NP; is it too late?... Read More

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    We are young and filled with experience and all that good stuff. Spread your wings darling!!!
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    I'm 56, and got my MSN last year in the Clinical Nurse Specialist track. I haven't taken the certification test yet, but I'm getting ready to go back for my post-master's as an FNP. So, in answer to your question, no....57 is definitely not too old if it's something you want to do. Good luck.
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    Wow, there is hope for me then I will see how I feel after I finish this BSN program. I would love to do an MSN and then be a FNP. I am 53.
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    Go for it!
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    I was a Med Tech for 25 years,became a nurse at 45 and a FNP at 50 and I love it. Go for it.
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    At 57, I just completed post masters certification in an FNP program and subsequently passed the AANP certification exam. Age is no issue. I found that most patients are very accepting and often more trusting of "mature" students.
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    An aquaintance of mine finished the FNP program at 75. She said it was always a dream of hers but kept making excuses and putting it off, and then finally decided to fulfill her dream.

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