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Going for a MD program from FNP - page 2

Hi, Nurses: I am applying for MD school after completing my FNP as I am not really impressed with quality of certification in FNP. The AANP review board are more with nurses, and I wish they had... Read More

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    Hello NPjh,

    May I ask which program you attended? I am researching schools and would like to have the best experience possible.
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    As a perspective NP applicant, all of this is making me feel discouraged. I had doubts about becoming a RN and after graduation I had realized I made a mistake. Now, I fear making the same mistake all over again.
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    If your goal is to be as close to a physician as you can without putting in all of the "hard work" then a NP track is not for you. If you love what you do/did as a critically thinking registered nurse and wish to serve a client population with advanced skills THEN go to a NP program. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to me to see so many NP's and NP students going into advanced practice to get "away" from nursing. Newsflash: you can't be a NP in ANY state without an active RN license because an advanced paractice nurse is a NURSE! I'm quite proud of being a registered nurse and will be just as proud to be a registered nurse when I am certified as a NP.
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    Hi I was wondering if you have any updates on your MD ?