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I got wait listed for class 116. Any experiences with being on a wait list would be helpful. Should I just give up?... Read More

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    6 years as an LPN and and 8 as an RN. GPS 3.85 graduated with honors. 8 years in cardiac ICU and 5 in long term care. Np references and director of nursing reference. I have been talking with them for 2 years and had to take a physical assessment course before I could finally submit my application. I think they have certain criteria and are looking for diversity. A certain number of ethnicities, a variety of states and regions with different populations rural vs city. I live in a bigger city and am Caucasian although my family is very diverse. I probably don't fit the criteria they need for what they are looking for. My essay prob could have been stronger I didn't realize that was such a Hugh piece of acceptance.

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    Heather33, I unfortunately after this 2 year process of denial feel the same way. My best friend and I applied to a texas school, same time, same gpa, work history...she had a hard childhood I did not. She got in and I did not. Its so frustrating. Have you looked at Maryville?
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    No but I will check it out for sure. Looking for some place else any suggestions are appreciated. Haven't taken the gre exam. I would like to start some where soon. Has anyone looked at walden or know anything about it.
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    I applied for total of 4 FNP programs. UC, USI, CU-Denver, and FNU. Through the process, I have learned that each school has different criteria when selecting potential students. For instance, USI puts a high priority on leadership on nursing organizations. CU-Denver puts on high priority on GPA (You have to have almost 4.0 to get admitted). I was told that there were more than 160 applicants for only 12 slots at CU-Denver. It was bloody competitive. The admission director at CU-Denver said my GPA was not high enough even if my goal statement was good enough. She asked me to take non-credit graduate classes to get accepted. I think FNU is looking for someone with "paying back to the community mind". I wish I knew what they were looking for prior to applying for those schools, so I could have reflected in my essay. I was admitted to UC and FNU. As an Asian American, my ethnicity was not a plus at CU-Denver. Many of the applicants were Asian Americans at CU-Denver. I think most of the applicants are White Americans at FNU. I decided to choose FNU because it is ranked # 14 on the nation. CU-Denver is #16 according to U.S. News and World Report. I also think my prior active duty Army time (10 years), current Army Reserve duty as a nurse, and current VA nurse were plus. My BSN GPA was below 3.5 (I think my GPA would be the lowest among the applicants). When writing my essay for FNU, I focused how I will contribute my FNP skills to the Soldiers, retirees, family members, and veterans.
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    Thats what the focus of my essay was. I have a desire to work with undeserved and ethnic populations. I also want to work over seas, volunteer, in third world countries. Did you decide if your going to frontier? i should have applied to more places. I just thought that if you met the criteria then you got in. I thought they stopped taking applications once the filled all the spots. Boy was i wrong. Now i know. Good luck and congratulations.
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    Thanks for the tip with maryville. I did check it out and will call to find out application deadlines. No GRE needed either.
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    I got accepted from waiting list today! So excited!!
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    Wow that's great news! Congrats! I asked where I was on the list today and no reply. I guess I should have moved down at least 1 right? Happy for you.
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    Quote from marienurse18
    I got accepted from waiting list today! So excited!!
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    Congratulations Marienurse18. See you at the orientation. Where do you live? I am from Colorado.

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