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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD and Home Course and studied... Read More

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    Quote from Jane33 RN
    I know just how you feel. If you read my story on this thread you will notice it took several times for me to pass and I passed the AANP exam which I think is a more realistic exam and one that you can study for. I felt the same way but don't be discouraged and don't beat your self up. You will pass that test. Hard work always pays off. Be more determined than ever to pass that test! Replace depression with determination and you will pass! God bless!
    I also failed the AANP exam and couldn't stop crying for the longest.. Had to snap out of it because i know God has something great in store for me... Started reading the next day after my first exam and still reading till date.. I'm just really nervous and i'm using different study material and methods.. What do u think helped in studying to retake the exam? Where did u do ur 15CE's? and do u think some of the questions were repeated the second time?

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    I did my CEs on medscape nursing. I did see a couple of repeat questions but not many. I did the Maria Liek's npreview webinar, the Fitzgerald book and the APEA book. I saw a few questions from the APEA book on the exam I know how you feel but don't overwhelm yourself by using too many different study materials. You can do it just put your trust in God and He will guide you through this small situation eventhough it feels like a big deal it is not to God. I wish you the best.
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    I recently took and passed the ANCC ANP exam. To study I used the Fitzgerald Adult review CDs, her workbook, the Liek book (which I ended up hating because there were too many errors in it, it was difficult to go back and look things up in the book too), and I purchased all of the review questions from I studied really hard and made flash cards of everything. The day before the exam I did nothing and went shopping to relax. The exam was the strangest exam I ever took. I believe Fitzgerald prepared me well for the most part. For the cultural material I used my old culture book from school and reviewed alternative therapies. I felt that the test was not difficult and not in depth. The hardest part was sitting still to take the exam. After around question 112 I could feel my heart beating in my eyes... I took a 15 min break just to relax. While taking the exam I focused on each question and did not go back through the questions at the end. Also, on my scratch pad I kept a tally of questions I knew, maybe knew, and had no clue. You only have to get 105 questions right out of the 150. I felt this helped me and encouraged me while answering the questions. A lot of the stuff on the exam there is no way to study for and there is stuff you would think to never look over. But many of the questions can be answered without studying at all. I just recommend doing the Fitzgerald review, purchasing the questions to give you confidence, taking the day off the day before, and relax during the exam. Good Luck!!
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    Hi ,I'm also preparing for this exam,and was looking for some suggestions,failed ANCC twice.I'm not giving up either ,have you taken the exam yet.I'm just joining the threaded discussions and need all the encouragements possible.
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    Paul you can do it! Take the AANP.
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    Hi Paul,
    If you read the thread you will notice that I too failed the ANCC twice. I took the AANP and passed on the second try. I felt the AANP exam is one that you can study for but I did not feel like that for the ANCC. Keep on studying and don't give up! Try taking the AANP exam. I know how you feel! It took a lot of prayer and trusting God for me to pass that exam. I thank God that is behind me and soon you will too! God Bless
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    Paul, if you really want to take the ANCC for a third time find the thread on here that gives tips on how to pass that exam. If I were you, I'd go with the other exam. It's much more practical and it covers things you learned in school ( From what I have heard about the ANCC ...sorry I didn't take that one first hand). I have faith in you!

    And Jane you are such a sweetheart! I just have to say that, you have really encouraged people with this thread and have been faithful in following up with every post . Thats awesome. I pray that God continues to bless you as well. What type of practice are you working in?
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    Thank you so much. I try to follow up every time some one posts on this thread because I know how it feels to fail those exams. I don't want to forget where I came from and how God allowed me to pass the exam and get to this point. When I failed the exams I felt so alone. I posted on some threads but most people did not reply after they passed. I posted on this thread and I was so encouraged by others and I enjoy encouraging people. I am so greatful that I can do that. I know that God has used me as an example to show others if He did it for me He will certainly do it for them. I just received and accepted a job offer today. I will be working at a male correctional facility. I have been praying for a job since I passed the exam in March and it has been difficult because most organizations will not hire new grads. Thank you for the kind words and I pray that God will continue to bless you as well.
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    Congrats on the new job! YAY! Its all down hill from here. How exciting. I graduated in May and passed boards in May and I am still waiting on my license to post here in Michigan. It takes way too long. So I had a job but could not take it bc of that. But I am sure that God has something better for me. So I wait. You keep up the good work! Im very happy for you. GO NURSE !!
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    Thank you do much. It took less than 2 weeks here in Maryland. 2 months is too long. Yes God has something better for you because He knows what you need and when you need it. Be patient and God will present the right job for you. How is the job market in Michigan?

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