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Hi all. A colleague of mine recently responded to the "is there doctor on the plane?" call. Since I'll be doing some traveling soon, it has made me think. Particularly in this time of cell phones and... Read More

  1. by   BCgradnurse
    Quote from FiremedicMike
    The kicker is that they're not planning on putting you on youtube, they're hoping you screw something up so they can sell it to the news.

    I've been videoed, it's disgusting.
    I was thinking more about the victim and his family. It would be traumatic for the family to have to see the resuscitation efforts again if they were recorded.
  2. by   FiremedicMike
    I understand and I don't mean to be callous, just know that most of those folks videoing you don't care about the patient's privacy and really only care about trying to screw you, even though they don't know you..
  3. by   gettingbsn2msn
    In former days, of course. These days with everyone filming and selling to media I will pass. Sadly a sign of our times.
  4. by   Dodongo
    So strange I came upon this topic today, as I just read this article this morning:

    Good Samaritans save man's life at Pennridge football game - Story | WTXF
  5. by   JanetMI
    This happened to me and ex husband once many years ago on an International flight from the UK to Israel. Both of us were ICU nurses and we were travelling with small children. Neither of us were NPs then and a man who was being deported from the UK to Israel had wangled his way to the toilet where he had tried to kill himself by cutting himself from one end of his sternum to the other with some sort of blade. As he came out of the bathroom he yelled out some incoherent stuff demanding the plane be taken to Russia at which point these two huge plain clothes cops jumped on him and wrestled him back to his seat where they handcuffed him. Then they put out a call for a doctor but the only person was an elderly GP so we volunteered and I cleaned the wound and packed it with a wet to dry ABD pad dressing and a ton of tape. It was actually kind of funny. They didn't stop the flight and just continued on to Tel Aviv. I was slightly peeved because I did most of the "repair work" but the Israeli papers had a headline "Israeli doctor saves passenger" -of course the "Israeli Doctor" was my ex-husband who was quite proud of himself! No one videoed it thank God but that was before the days of cell phones everywhere. I wouldn't hesitate if it was to happen again